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Golden spike Futures: PTA morning comment 0901

Fundamentals: in the spot market, "two years later, the spot atmosphere in PTA's internal market was weak, a small number of Taiwan and South Korea spot quotations have gradually approached the level of 7600 yuan, polyester enterprises have shrunk their hands and waited, and the intention to accept the offer in the morning was significantly weak, affected by the sharp decline in futures, but since June 2013, the atmosphere in PTA's external market in the morning was significantly insufficient, and most buyers at $900 did not consider accepting the offer for the time being, The possible transaction valuation is around USD/ton. It is reported that Hengyi group, which has the largest PTA production capacity in China, will cooperate with Rongsheng to extend the industrial chain of Hainan refining and chemical industry in Yangpu. The material testing machine is a mechanical testing machine used to test the mechanical properties of materials, such as stretching, tightening, bending, shearing, stripping, etc. to jointly build a 1.8 million ton PTA project and a polyester project. It is expected that this news will be bad for the market to a certain extent. In terms of demand, polyester products in Jiangsu and Zhejiang continued to fall. After entering September, the export amount of textiles and clothing tends to decline seasonally. The recent production of polyester staple fiber has been close to zero profit. On the whole, PTA is supported by factors such as the stabilization of upstream costs, low social inventory and low delivery warehouse inventory. However, it is still uncertain whether the peak production and marketing season of the textile industry can be completely reproduced, and PTA will fall into an adjustment state in the short term

technical aspect: PTA continues to maintain a weak downward trend, the price rebound is suppressed by the short-term average, the market trading is active, and the position is significantly reduced by more than 30000 hands. In the short term, the price will fall again to seek support, the short-term average suppresses the price rebound, and the aftermarket rebound pressure is large

operation suggestions: weakly inform everyone that this is OK, and the trend remains. Participate in short selling in case of rebound

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