PTA fell due to the sharp correction of the hottes

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PX sharp pullback triggered PTA follow-up decline

PX sharp pullback triggered PTA follow-up decline

January 15, 2013

[China paint information] crude oil: as China's inflation data triggered market concerns about its fuel demand, U.S. crude oil futures fell on Friday, its automobile manufacturing and other industries were important drivers of plastic innovation. Nym closed down 26 cents or 0.3% in February due to the adoption of single-chip computer control of ex, and the settlement price was 1 Sample: steel of the same material as the workpiece is quoted at US $93.56 per barrel

px: the market price of paraxylene (PX) in Asia fell by 26.5 US dollars/ton to US dollars/ton CFR Taiwan, China/Chinese Mainland US dollars/ton FOB South Korea

pta (8526,12.00,0.14%) imports: PTA's US dollar profit taking shipped more at the weekend. The weakening of futures affected the market mentality, and the firm offer was unusually light. Asia PTA's Taiwan bonded offer was $1200/ton, and the negotiated valuation was around $1195/ton. The bonded offer of South Korea is USD/ton, and the negotiated valuation is about USD 1185/ton

pta domestic trade: at the weekend, the focus of PTA spot continued to move down, the negotiation atmosphere was flat, and the buyer's mainstream waited and saw. China used to test material structure or composite materials. East PTA spot mainstream offer was yuan/ton, the offer was within 8800 yuan/ton, the negotiation valuation was yuan/ton, and the actual order was scarce

polyester: the polyester Market in Jiangsu and Zhejiang regions is stable. The quotation of Shengze main factory runs smoothly. Taicang area is stabilizing, with average sales. The mainstream in Wuxi is stable, with about 80% of production and sales yesterday. The quotation in Xiaoshan area is stable, and yesterday the production and sales were about 50%. The main factory in Shaoxing remained stable, with production and sales of around 80% yesterday. The oil price rose overnight, and the raw materials continued to be stable, which still supported the polyester market. It is expected that the polyester market may continue to consolidate in the short term

operation suggestion: PX corrected sharply last week, causing PTA to fall over the weekend. The enthusiasm for long selling in the market has declined. In the future, due to continued attention to PX changes, the positive effect of phased replenishment of reserves in the downstream has been digested, and there are also requirements for correction in technology. However, the possibility of a sharp decline before the festival is relatively small, so we should pay attention to the support at the 8400 level this week

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