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Golden spike Futures: PTA morning comment 0706

Fundamentals: the PTA spot market continued to rise slightly last Friday, and the transaction price of high-quality PTA was reported at 7100-7120 yuan, up 20 yuan from the previous day. The transaction price of PTA in Taiwan and South Korea was the same as yesterday, at $855 - $860. Meg, the upstream raw material, continued to rise strongly at 5250-5280 yuan/ton, while PX in South Korea rose slightly at $996, while Rotterdam reported $892, up slightly. The trading volume of chemical fiber fabrics in China Textile City continued to decline significantly to 3.88 million meters. The market passenger flow and new orders are still relatively small, accounting for less than 25% of the peak season. The daily sales of knitted fabrics and chiffon in the chemical fiber market continue to decline. From the three indicators of fixed asset investment, export and domestic sales, the current form of domestic textile industry is still not optimistic. The common fault in the second half of the year 2: the pointer of the dial is not sensitive, and the domestic demand for domestic clothing is worrying. Unless major economies such as the European Union and the United States stop falling and pick up, it will be difficult for China's textile industry to get out of the trough and the downstream demand will be difficult to make a substantive change

technical aspect: the pta909 contract still maintained a volatile pattern last Friday, standing firmly at the 7000 level and the 40 day moving average, and MACD was in a strong position. But in the soft zone of crude oil and to make the safety of the experiment process higher? The following: in the future, there is still downward pressure on PTA. Recently, attention has been paid to the competition for the 7000 level. The recent continuous decline of crude oil has put pressure on the continuous upward attack of PTA, and the breakthrough still needs to be coordinated with the fundamentals. The possibility of price fluctuation and consolidation in the short term is more likely than not, which is the key inspection points before the use of plastic tensile testing machine shared by technicians

operation suggestions: it is expected that long and short positions will compete in the range of 7000-7100 in the near future, with short-term light positions participating

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