The hottest NYMEX crude oil rose to $104 after fal

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NYMEX crude oil rose to $104, having fallen for five consecutive days, the longest decline this year

NYMEX crude oil rose to $104, having fallen for five consecutive days, the longest decline this year

August 9, 2013 reading: Source: Huitong | test bar, the average consumption of each express packaging material decreased by more than 10%, that is, the broken manuscript

[China paint information] in the Asian market on Friday (August 9), NYMEX crude oil futures in September fell slightly, and then fell back, At present, the trading volume is above $104/barrel. Investors bought after the contract hit a one month low and recorded its longest decline this year, boosting oil prices

nymex crude oil prices fell for five consecutive trading days before Thursday (August 8), the longest decline since December last year, as investors were uneasy about the prospect of the Federal Reserve reducing its bond purchase program, and the market expected the North Sea supply to increase next month after maintenance

Dallas Fed chairman Derek Fisher said on Thursday that if the economic data continues to improve, the Fed will likely start to reduce its huge bond purchase next month. This move is expected to reduce the liquidity that continues to support the global market. At the same time, it may also boost the US dollar and suppress the prices of US dollar denominated commodities such as crude oil

the sharp rise of U.S. crude oil in July, coupled with the general improvement of the economy in the United States after reaching the ppb level, has encouraged investors to return to Energy listed and traded products (ETPs), and in the previous few months, funds continued to flow out of energy ETPs

the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) said that the Atlantic (600558, Guba) hurricane season activity in 2013 may still be "higher than normal", but the possibility of serious hurricane activity is low

sources familiar with the operation of the oil refining industry pointed out that many oil refiners in the Gulf of Mexico and the Midwest plan to carry out large-scale maintenance in the autumn, and will also formulate medium and long-term maintenance plans, which may temporarily impact the gasoline supply in some parts of the United States

the unrest in Libya has caused the local crude oil output to fall to the lowest level since the civil war in 2011, and the export has fallen by more than half. The unrest continues to expand, which has a significant impact on its economy, local foreign enterprises and crude oil consuming countries

an industry source said that India is considering providing a state guarantee of 20billion rupees (327million US dollars) to allow refineries using Iranian crude oil to obtain insurance (reassurance); Iran's crude oil cannot obtain transportation insurance because it has been sanctioned by western countries

Saudi Arabia said on Thursday that it had arrested two people from Yemen and Chad for suspected suicide attacks. A few days earlier, the United States had closed its embassy in the Middle East due to the threat of Al Qaeda attacks

at 11:08 Beijing time, NYMEX crude oil futures in September was reported at US $104.28/barrel, up 0.39%

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