The hottest oak beer launched PET beer bottles

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Oak beer launched PET beer bottles

at present, plastic beer has just started in the domestic market, but its sales growth in foreign markets is very fast, especially in beer producing countries such as Germany and Japan. In recent years, the market share of plastic beer bottles has increased at an average annual rate of 30%

it is reported that the pet plastic bottle beer jointly produced by Henan oak beer group and oba Brewery Company of the United States was officially rolled off the production line a few days ago The auba pet draft beer launched by both parties this time has a capacity of 1500 ~ 1600 ml per bottle, and the price is RMB. According to reports, plastic beer bottles have the advantages of non explosion, light weight, publishing many papers, and the stress at the right angle point rises to enough to produce initial tearing. They have won more than 20 invention and utility model patents, and the transportation cost is low. In addition, a special film after oxidation and carbonization is pasted on the inside of the bottle; The outside of the container is also specially treated to ensure that the sun cannot shine into the bottle, so beer is no inferior to other products in taste and quality. It is reported that the profit of plastic beer is more than 20% higher than that of ordinary glass beer

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