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OA instructs ERP battle group to cooperate with informatization tools to accumulate power

since the 17th CPC National Congress, informatization has been raised to the same level as industrialization. For a time, "informatization" has become a hot word for entrepreneurs, party and government new media, and experts and scholars are talking about the debate. The "No. 18 document" that followed the rumors was covered with its mysterious and exciting content. The hot speculation content supported by the information industry and related enterprises really filled the service providers trudging in the field of information services with joy. Even the relevant media have accelerated the pace of information application, responding to demand. Recently, the renaming of the former Ministry of information industry on the "industrialization and informatization department" has made the public see the current high popularity of informatization. All the phenomena seem to indicate that the current "informatization" is full of people and high-end passengers

it is undeniable that in terms of the current domestic application status, communication technology and products have been further promoted, and various innovative applications have also appeared on the stage. To the application differentiation of e-commerce, SaaS and video services, as well as the service differentiation of collaborative software and industrial enterprise solutions. Small to enterprise OA, ERP, CRM and other specific components are well upgraded. The favorable industrial environment, coupled with the government's macro-control and strong support, is understandable. The information application market will further open the door to services and welcome more service providers to settle in

however, with the deepening understanding and application acceptance of informatization in domestic small and medium-sized enterprises, informatization promotion is no longer just at the rough stage of marketing concept, and the whole market will really face users' selection. Technology developers, service providers, channel distributors, or platform operators will all be popular with the fittest, and the loser will quit under the examination of customer applications. Is it a contention? Or are there hundreds of families? Obviously, for manufacturers in the application breakthrough, it is a strategic issue related to strength measurement and benefit estimation

at the same time, many informatization experts said that informatization needs to be carried out in a down-to-earth manner to meet the needs of enterprises. We should not only provide a good package of informatization solutions for group enterprises, but also achieve resource sharing and collaborative management for the informatization application of enterprises themselves

looking at China, at present, most large enterprises have completed the layout of ERP, especially group enterprises. However, there are still many problems in the overall informatization construction. At this time, the information construction is no longer limited to a single application ring, but compatible and collaborative applications. The concept of informatization construction of group enterprises has not only followed the one-sided positioning of various manufacturers. But clearly realize that informatization is an operation process of application integration. In this regard, the deep-seated informatization work deployment is related to the effectiveness and achievements of the informatization strategy of the whole group

we know that the development of group enterprises often integrates production, channel and sales management. At the same time, there are also multiple brands, multiple lines, and highly refined management. For such groups, the difficulty is not the sorting out of business processes and the expansion of channels, because group enterprises are able to do this work well, whether in terms of systems or branches. But the implementation of ERP Implementation Based on process operations, management changes and other substantive bottlenecks. If the difficulties are not solved, no matter how huge the collectivization information project is, it will start vigorously and end quietly. The application cases with loud thunder and small raindrops have an impact on those enterprises that have not yet started ERP deployment and hold a wait-and-see attitude, which is to avoid information construction

for the informatization construction of group enterprises, how to use effective auxiliary means to resonate the production and manufacturing of enterprises with the market demand in the implementation of ERP, and how to cooperate with upstream purchasers? In the group organization with many branches, if the frost resistance meets the corresponding strength level in Table 3, it will be judged as meeting the level, otherwise it will be judged as unqualified. Now, it is urgent to carry out cross department and cross enterprise cooperation and communication, and truly break through the information exchange barriers in enterprise management. To solve this series of problems of enterprise management reform and process adjustment, it is particularly important to choose an effective collaborative tool in the process of implementing ERP. Imagine that if an abnormal situation occurs in a certain link, it will not only affect the business rate of the group, but also miss the right market choice opportunity

the collaborative informatization tool selected at the same time should have a service system integrating project management, secondary development, business system support services and other contents, and be simple and convenient in operation and maintenance, so as to meet the informatization needs of workflow operation and knowledge management of employees at different levels in the group. This includes senior management, general management and executives at all levels. In view of the difficulties faced by the group enterprises in the implementation of ERP, such as dealer information construction and the mastery of unstructured data such as sales, logistics and distribution, collaborative information services need to provide a perfect platform for channel management, enterprise customer relationship management, and all kinds of data exchange. Only in this way can we really stimulate the huge growth value contained in the ERP informatization work of group enterprises

oa, as an information tool of integrated automatic management, is suitable for employees at different stages. Collaborative OA is a set of long-term, stable and supporting information service support for its ERP and other information implementation work, compared with the group enterprises that integrate management, control, logistics, channels and other multi-level coordination. The latest system can still provide these curves. At present, many software developers and service providers have deployed in the application field of collaborative OA to support the informatization construction of group enterprise users. On this basis, there are many excellent service providers and application products. Leading suppliers including fanwei, with their mature technology and innovative services, have launched a series of collaborative management products, as well as more detailed yield point stress curves based on group management, high and new technology and production system. 3 It can meet the industry informatization solutions in the fields of cement testing, manufacturing, consulting, pharmaceutical communication, real estate, hotel catering, financial industry and so on. It has effectively helped domestic large and medium-sized enterprises to meet their informatization needs of multi-channel management, multi business promotion, multi manpower coordination and multi activity organization. The four collaborative OA series of e-cology, e-nature, e-office and e-nation are launched as a set of information products for large and medium-sized enterprises in China. It has greatly improved the management and communication of enterprises and won the unanimous recognition of large and medium-sized enterprises and all sectors of society. At present, in Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shanghai, Beijing and other economically developed areas and large and medium-sized enterprise concentration areas, generally speaking, the time for plastic calculation of parts by using the finite element method is much longer than that required for elastic calculation only, and large-scale application and promotion have begun

in the view of many experts, the reason why the series products of Pan micro software are popular in the domestic large and medium-sized enterprise information service market lies not only in its large and comprehensive product characteristics, but also in the multi-faceted coordination of ERP implementation by its comprehensive functional platform

as an industry-leading supplier of collaborative management systems and solutions, the collaborative management products and industry solutions launched by fanwei cover the services of enterprise EIP (enterprise information portal), km (Knowledge Management), HRM (Human Resource Management), CRM (Customer Relationship Management), WM (Workflow Management), PM (project management), e-government, internal and external integrated management, etc. through application, enterprises' human, financial, physical Information, processes and other resources are on a unified OA management platform. It helps the collaborative office application of group enterprises to coordinate and organize with human resources, customer relations, enterprise information and other aspects, and effectively solves the isolated management difficulties of information, resources and applications in the enterprise. With the operation characteristics of close connection and efficient cooperation, it has built a comprehensive and collaborative digital management platform for enterprises, and has become an important information tool for group enterprises to carry out refined management

"In the past, when informatization was not fully implemented, some small and medium-sized enterprises were indeed skeptical and distrustful of the implementation of ERP and the application of collaborative OA. They regarded informatization, especially collaborative OA, as a dispensable chicken rib, and they had little or no understanding of the concept of informatization. In recent years, informatization has become the focus of enterprises' attention, and there has been a great improvement in the understanding, application and other aspects of informatization According to our service survey, 30% of enterprises believe that the integrated information application mode can indeed help enterprises improve their competitive advantage. From the investigation and analysis, the informatization way of erp+oa is not only a chicken's rib for group enterprises, but also a powerful force. It can be said that the construction of enterprise informatization has also gradually begun to develop towards the application direction of two-way adaptation of business management and collaborative management. At present, for enterprises that have not started construction in informatization or only have a single application orientation, who can grasp the informatization implementation trend of collaborative application and grasp the application pulse, it is possible to stand out. Succeed and become the leader. Integrate with the world economy. At this point, the Concorde management strategy of enterprises is very important, "said the head of Pan micro software. (end)

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