The hottest NYMEX crude oil futures hit a new low

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NYMEX crude oil futures rebounded after breaking the daily low, the OPEC meeting is about to be held

NYMEX crude oil futures rebounded after breaking the daily low, and the OPEC meeting is about to be held

May 30, 2013

[China paint information] the price of NYMEX July crude oil futures rose slightly after falling as low as $94.14/barrel on the new day on Wednesday (May 29), and is currently fluctuating around $94.40/barrel. The employment data released by Germany was worse than expected, but its unemployment rate was flat, which had little impact on the crude oil market. At present, the crude oil market continues to be supported by good data from the United States overnight

Tony Nunan, head of oil risk at Mitsubishi, said that people began to realize that the United States had led the global market out of this economic recession. Previously, the main concerns about the economy focused on the unemployment rate and the real estate market, which seems to be on the track of stable growth. This and geopolitical risks continue to support oil prices

data released by the German Federal Labor Office on Wednesday showed that the increase in unemployment in Germany after the quarter adjustment in May was much higher than market expectations, but the unemployment rate remained stable at a low level. All electrical components meet ISO and IEC standards (or other standards of the same level). The specific data show that the number of unemployed in Germany increased by 21000 after the May quarter adjustment, and it is expected to increase by 5000. The previous value is revised to increase by 0 to keep the workbench and operation panel clean 60000, with an initial increase of 4000. Meanwhile, the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate in May was 6.9%, unchanged from April, in line with market expectations

overseas Chinese Bank (OCBC) said in a report on China's three major plastic building materials that the market is concerned about the OPEC meeting to be held on Friday (May 31), and its production quota is expected to remain at 30million 2 Regularly check the transmission condition of the sprocket, and the barrel/day remains the same, despite the growing dissatisfaction of smaller oil producing countries such as Algeria and Nigeria. Given that competition with shale oil from the United States may reduce crude oil revenues, these countries hope to have a smaller production quota

in addition, at 04:30 a.m. Beijing time on Thursday (May 30), the United States will announce API crude oil inventory for the week of May 24, and EIA crude oil inventory for the week of May 25 at 22:30

at 18:20 Beijing time, NYMEX crude oil futures closed at $94.38/barrel, down $0.65, or 0.67%

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