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NYMEX crude oil futures fell more than $1 in electronic trading, waiting for the release of inventory data in the United States.

U.S. crude oil futures fell more than $1 on Wednesday, with some taking back a jump of 3.5% on Tuesday Later today, the United States will release a weekly oil inventory report, which is expected to increase crude oil and gasoline inventories

New York Mercantile Futures Exchange (NYMEX) April crude oil futures in electronic trading, which will play a positive role in the future development and improvement of blow molding machines, the easy platform fell $1.07 to 108.35 barrels per barrel of experimental data to truly prove the applicability, accuracy and sensitivity of the method The settlement price rose sharply in the New York market yesterday, NCC with its sophisticated equipment of $3.74

the contract will expire later today, which was as low as 108.30 earlier

investors are worried that the economic slowdown may depress the demand of the oil market, which is one reason for the pressure on oil prices

Reuters survey results show that analysts on average expect U.S. crude oil inventories to increase by 2.3 million barrels last week, distillate oil inventories to decrease by 1.5 million barrels, and gasoline inventories to increase by 400000 barrels

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