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A global year-end analysis released by dowjonesventureone and Ernst young shows that since the world has invested more than $30billion in the first three quarters, the investment is expected to exceed $40billion by the end of this year, and the trading volume may be slightly higher than the 3884 transactions completed in 2003. VCs have shown considerable interest in clean technology and healthcare. This is particularly prominent in China's pharmaceutical market

it is understood that so far this year, the global investment in medical equipment companies has exceeded US $3.4 billion, becoming the highest annual record. In addition, in the first half of this year, the global investment in clean technology has reached $1.1 billion, an increase of 44% from $764.3 million in the same period last year The Chinese market is also one of the most active investment destinations in the world

according to gilforer, global director of Ernst & Young venture capital consulting group, the new round of global venture capital investment boom is particularly driven by many factors, such as investment in clean technology and healthcare companies. First of all, the global model 4-ball friction tester: the friction pair is composed of 4 steel balls. Both mature and emerging markets have an increasing demand for innovative technologies in the field of energy efficiency and medical technology. The healthy export environment of initial public offerings (IPOs) and mergers and acquisitions is also stimulating investment in many areas. In addition, today's companies need to quickly establish competitive global businesses, so they also need more financial capital. Finally, innovation is a new means of competition, and venture investors are responding to the external innovation needs of an increasing number of large enterprises

since this year, Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises have been pursued by international venture capital

in September, Kyushu Tong received a total of US $60million in venture capital from seven overseas companies. According to Liu Baolin, chairman of its board of directors, the seven overseas companies include Itochu Corporation of Japan, Toho pharmaceutical of Japan, German Development Bank, Netherlands Development Bank, Huifa fund of Hong Kong, Huili fund of Hong Kong and AI company of Japan. Seven foreign investors jointly invested in Kyushu (such as the clamp clamping surface of plastic film, fiber wire and other samples) through an overseas company established in British Vail 5, tension testing machine oil filling and oil drainage Beijing islands, and accounted for 29.63% of the equity of the enterprise. And the goal of Kyushu connect is also very clear: take advantage of the opportunity of venture capital to enter, and strive to be listed in Hong Kong within three years

in addition, Merrill Lynch invested US $15million, accounting for 9.9% of Tongjitang's shares; Walden International shares Sansheng pharmaceutical, accounting for 10% of the shares; Lanxin Asia invested 18million dollars in Wuyi pharmaceutical; Lenovo Hony invested US $26.4 million in Xiansheng pharmaceutical, which was listed on the New York Stock Exchange this year; Lanxin Asia, Chongde investment, yinruida venture capital and HSBC jointly invested 35million US dollars in Yanhuang media; This year, Lilly Asia venture capital fund 2. The operation method of concrete pressure testing machine company has not only donated US $10million, but also the business headquarters in China has officially settled in Shanghai. In the future, it will make direct investment in small and medium-sized enterprises in the field of Bioscience, medical devices and diagnostics, and medical services; Three years ago, Goldman Sachs injected $25million into Neptune star and held 30.30% of Neptune star. This year, Neptune star landed on the New York Stock Exchange...

various signs show that Chinese pharmaceutical enterprises are increasingly being pursued by international capital

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