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Medical AI amazing mass entrepreneurship and innovation week AI imaging equipment improves diagnosis and treatment efficiency

China news, Sichuan, October 9 (Yue Yitong) the 2018 national mass entrepreneurship and innovation Week kicked off in Chengdu, Sichuan. At the theme exhibition site of the innovation and Entrepreneurship Week, heath heterogeneous company showed the public the actual application status and industrial development prospects of medical artificial intelligence in early May 2016

the picture shows the display area of his isomerism. (photographed by Yue Yitong)

in the exhibition area, the following actions are still taking place in individual areas of the company's isocoke Market: digestive endoscopy AI implementation diagnostic equipment, small intestinal endoscopy image AI analysis diagnostic equipment, and ultrasound image AI real-time diagnostic equipment are working. With the participation of these equipment, clinical images and ultrasound images under digestive endoscopy are changing with the image picture, Various diseases are diagnosed in real time. At the same time, the massive data of small intestine capsule endoscopy, which was difficult to diagnose manually in the past, can also be diagnosed quickly if the indoor humidity is too high after being analyzed by AI equipment

the picture shows Song Jie showing the equipment to visitors. (photographed by Yue Yitong)

Song Jie, the founder of his isomerism company, said that the three kinds of equipment participating in the exhibition involve AI diagnosis of the whole digestive tract and real-time ultrasonic image diagnosis. When the maximum load of his isomerism in more medical subdivisions exceeds 3% - 5%, AI equipment and products including CT, ECG and other aspects will also be launched one after another recently

at the theme exhibition venue of this year's "mass entrepreneurship and innovation week", there are 150 projects selected at various levels, involving various industrial fields. As one of the hot spots of social concern in recent years, the medical AI project of heath isomerism is particularly eye-catching because of its practical application scenarios and the display of hardware AI devices.

"At present, domestic medical AI research and development is in full swing, but there are few products that really have clinical application value, and hardware products that can take medical devices as the carrier are even rare." Song Jie told that clinical application is the only standard for testing related technologies and products, so the research and development goal of medical AI must be clinical application products, and all research and development must have real application scenarios. Innovative AI medical devices are more in line with clinical needs, but this requires R & D enterprises not only to have good AI technology development capabilities, but also to have strong hardware device development capabilities

it is understood that his heterogeneous team has been engaged in medical AI research and development for nearly four years. At the beginning of 2017, the company moved from Beijing to Chengdu. At present, its achievements in the field of digestion are in the leading position in the world, and it also has good performance in ultrasound, CT and ECG

Song Jie introduced that a number of medical equipment products of his isomerism have begun to apply for national class III medical equipment, which is expected to be put into clinical use next year. One part of the products are produced by the company itself, and the other part is produced in cooperation with traditional medical equipment enterprises. At present, many internationally renowned enterprises have negotiated and cooperated with Greek isomerism

Song Jie said that with the increasing maturity of medical AI technology and products, it can not only improve the service capacity and efficiency of China's medical institutions, help to solve the problem of insufficient medical resources and uneven distribution, but also drive the upgrading of China's medical equipment manufacturing industry and bring a huge market. (end)


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