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Health beer packaging is increasingly favored by consumers

recently, the packaging design of health beer is similar to that of ordinary beer, mainly in glass bottles or metal cans (mainly aluminum cans). However, there are some deficiencies in traditional glass bottles and aluminum cans (aluminum alloy cans). As a new type of functional beverage, health beer has a variety of nourishing, dietotherapy or adjuvant therapeutic effects, so it is increasingly favored by consumers

the green packaging of health beer is conducive to highlight the function of beer

the significance of green packaging of health beer

China is the largest beer production and consumption country in the world, and the R & D, production and consumption of health beer are developing rapidly. The introduction of green packaging into the packaging design of health beer has many unique advantages

1. In line with the trend of sustainable development, the shortage of resources and energy, the destruction of the ecological environment and the increase of population have forced mankind to re-examine the mode of production. As a part of social production, the packaging industry must also take the road of sustainable development, that is, to implement green packaging

2. It is conducive to maintaining the health function of health beer

health beer is different from ordinary beer. It often contains nutritional factors or medicinal ingredients such as vitamins, enzymes, polysaccharides, peptides, minerals, secondary metabolites, etc. these health ingredients may have special requirements for packaging design, and appropriate green packaging can protect the health ingredients of health beer, and will not produce side effects harmful to human body or ecological environment

3. It is conducive to improving the economic benefits of health beer

with the development and progress of the times, people's awareness of nutrition and health care is continuously enhanced, and consumers' recognition of green packaging of health food is gradually deepened. As early as the 1996 Paris International Food Expo, the "green food" and "green packaging" booths have been favored by manufacturers and consumers all over the world once they were launched

4. it helps to promote the development of health beer industry with Chinese characteristics

the magical efficacy of Chinese herbal medicine has been recognized and respected by more and more countries and regions in the world. The health beer developed by using the effective ingredients of Chinese herbal medicine makes full use of China's natural resource advantages and has great potential and competitiveness in the international market. If the concept of green packaging is integrated into the packaging of Chinese herbal health beer, it will undoubtedly improve the value of Chinese herbal health beer, so as to establish the dominant position of China's health beer industry in the international market

5. Health beer provides development space for green packaging

the expensive cost greatly limits the promotion and application of pen (polyethylene glycol naphthalate) green materials in beer packaging. Putting pen bottles into the high-end beer packaging market is an important way to solve this problem. High value-added health beer just provides pen with a place to play

current situation of health beer packaging

at present, the packaging design of health beer is similar to that of ordinary beer, which is mainly packaged in glass bottles or metal cans (mainly aluminum cans). However, both traditional glass bottles and aluminum cans (aluminum alloy cans) have some disadvantages

1. shortcomings of glass bottles

glass beer bottles have the following functions: good isolation (impermeability) and other advantages, but their shortcomings are also very prominent

1) the glass bottle has poor impact resistance, which is very easy to break, and even explode to hurt people

2) the glass bottle has high density, which is inconvenient to carry and high transportation cost

3) glass bottle fragments are difficult to clean up, and some countries have banned the sale of glass bottle beer in public places such as beaches, stadiums and resorts

2. Lack of aluminum hearing

aluminum hearing overcomes the shortcomings of glass bottles that are easy to explode and hurt people, but the cost is high, and the aluminum element in it may pose potential harm to human body. Modern medical research has found that excessive intake of aluminum may lead to brain or bone lesions. Researchers from OSI Jek University in Croatia found that the aluminum content in aluminum tinned beer was significantly higher than that in glass bottles. And with the extension of storage period, the concentration of aluminum in aluminum tinned beer gradually increased. In order to prevent aluminum from dissolving into beer, some packers coated a protective paint film on the inner wall of aluminum cans, but this film will be damaged, so it is difficult to completely eliminate the dissolution of aluminum

in order to overcome the limitations of traditional beer packaging, people have made many improvements from the selection of packaging materials, packaging technology to the recycling of packaging products, and made a lot of progress. However, these works are still in the initial stage of R & D and application

development strategy of green packaging for health beer

health beer has a good development prospect with green packaging. In the future, we should pay attention to the following aspects

1. Packaging materials should not only meet the requirements of green packaging, but also adapt to the characteristics of beer products

food green so that its maximum load does not exceed 5 times the capacity of the sample. Color packaging materials can be roughly divided into four categories: degradable materials (such as ketone materials), edible materials (such as soybean protein packaging film), recyclable materials, and paper materials. In the green packaging of beer, recyclable materials are mainly used at present. Although paper materials have been used in the packaging of sake and wine in Japan, they can not be used in beer packaging due to reasons such as gas barrier not up to standard

compared with other alcohol or liquid drinks, beer is a "delicate" drink crystal. It has low alcohol content, rich nutrition and rich in COA, so it is afraid of cold, heat, light, oxygen, air leakage and shock. It is precisely because of the "delicate" of beer that the research, development and innovation of new materials and containers for beer packaging are slow. It was not until the end of the last century that recyclable plastic materials such as pet and pen emerged in the green packaging of beer

the emerging PET bottle has many advantages: 1) the density is only 1/8 of that of glass bottle, so it is easy to carry and the transportation cost is low; 2) High impact resistance, compressive strength and crack resistance; 3) High transparency and cleanliness; 4) The C02, O, water and fragrance barrier properties of modified PET bottles are equal to or better than those of glass bottles. Therefore, PET beer bottles have attracted the attention of all countries as soon as they are launched. However, pure PET bottles also have some shortcomings (such as high oxygen permeability). In view of this, people began to improve PET bottles, such as barrier coating PET bottles, processing multilayer composite PET bottles with barrier layers, etc. These measures have achieved good improvement results. In 1998, PET/amosorb3000/Pet three-layer bottle (amosorb3000 is an oxygen absorbing copolymer) developed by American amcorpet company began to be used for canned Budweiser beer

pen replaces the benzene ring of pet with naphthalene ring, so it has better mechanical properties and chemical resistance. In particular, the C02 and 0 barrier properties of pen are 4-5 times that of pet. Therefore, pen is considered to be the most suitable material for green packaging of beer so far. However, pen and modified PET still have some problems: 1) high cost; 2) Some properties need to be improved. For example, the problem of residual fragrance or peculiar smell of modified PET has not been solved. These need to be further studied and improved in the future work

2. The characteristics of health beer must be considered in packaging design

health beer has a wide variety of varieties and contains a variety of health ingredients. In the green packaging of health beer, we should consider not only the characteristics of beer, but also the characteristics of various health ingredients. It is not only required that the packaging materials cannot react with the health ingredients, but also that the packaging design is conducive to the preservation of the health ingredients. For example, tea polyphenols, the active ingredient in tea and beer, are easy to polymerize with O: under pH 8 and light conditions, and can react with iron to form a green black complex. Therefore, the O: Impermeability of the packaging container must be fully considered in the packaging process of tea and beer, and iron pollution must be strictly avoided. For another example, riboflavin is easy to photolysis, so the health beer with riboflavin as the health ingredient must be protected from light when packaging

3. In addition to selecting green packaging materials, we should also pay attention to green transportation, green equipment, green management and green technology

green packaging is essentially a production mode that first considers sustainable development in the life cycle of packaging products. In the packaging process of health beer, "green" should run through all links of packaging. For example, while choosing pet green materials, someone investigated the noise of PET beer bottles when they were canned, and finally proved that PET beer bottles would not produce noise pollution

4. Pay attention to visual communication design

pet, pen bottle appearance texture; The decoration and printing performance are better than glass bottles, which provides a good visual communication design platform for the green packaging of health beer. In the packaging design of health beer, we should fully consider the texture, color, texture, physical and chemical properties of green packaging materials, combine artistic thinking with scientific and technological thinking, combine modernity with national characteristics, and combine stylization with personalization, so as to finally create a unique packaging design. Designers can develop visual communication works that conform to the consumption psychology of relevant people according to the visual perception of various health beer applicable people. For example, for low alcohol beer with young people (especially women) as the main consumers, it will be easier to stimulate their consumption desire by adopting the packaging design with lively shape, bright color, and high brightness and purity of professional service manufacturers of Jinan testing machine factory

it is worth pointing out that for health beer with strong national characteristics (such as balsam pear beer), it is helpful to design visual communication works with Chinese characteristics to draw nutrition from China's long-standing national culture. For example, designers can absorb the essence of plastic arts from ceramics, bronze mirrors, tripods, shadow puppets and other artifacts, appreciate the art of calligraphy from cultural heritage such as French calligraphy, cliff stone carvings, bronze inscriptions, seals and so on, understand the mystery of color from craft crystals such as Chinese painting, embroidery, cloisonne, murals and so on, and then temper and sublimate them, and finally create a health beer packaging design with strong cultural heritage


the development of modern civilization has rapidly increased people's attention to nutrition and health care, ecological balance and environmental protection. This creates a potential development space for the green packaging of health beer if it is found to be loose. Health beer is in the ascendant. The development of green packaging of health beer is not only conducive to seizing the first opportunity in the green packaging market of health beer, but also of great significance to the development of the whole beer industry and packaging industry in China

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