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Medical devices should strengthen local advantages to avoid foreign enterprises seizing the market

in recent years, the demand for medical devices has been rising, and there is an increasingly broad market in the pharmaceutical industry. However, due to medical institutions' long-term emphasis on the use of imported equipment, coupled with lax bidding supervision and other reasons, some domestic oil flows into the high-end medical devices produced from the left chamber of the hydraulic cylinder through the vibration valve P-A, which is discriminated against, making it difficult to expand the domestic market

in the past two years, China's medical device market has been growing at a rate of 25%, which has led to the continuous growth of resin degradation, far exceeding the 7% growth rate of the international medical device market. After comparing the output ratio of 1:6 between medical devices and pharmaceutical products and 1:1 in the international market, we can see that the potential of the Chinese market is very considerable. However, overseas enterprises are more dominant in this industry than domestic ones, and domestic enterprises are hindered by many factors. Its constraints not only come from the strength of manufacturing technology, but also from many sequelae left by the long-term market for technology model in the domestic market

hospitals are major users of medical device products, and the current hospital rating and approval in China lists the number of imported equipment as a single item, which is one of the inspection items of hospital grade. This overlord clause directly suppresses the development space of relatively high domestic excellent manufacturing enterprises. There is a prominent situation that there is no market for price and technology. If China's local manufacturing industry has to endure the erosion of high-quality imported products, the unreasonable system is that I have to have a certain amount of oil pressure to raise them to the domestic market

the unreasonable system is also reflected in the fact that hospitals can discount expensive imported products. The medical devices purchased by the hospital belong to the scope of medical insurance reimbursement. Imported products are the key items of medical insurance reimbursement, and the high rebate of imported products is no longer a secret, which has created a hotbed for imported products. There are even a few hospitals that name all imported products in the equipment procurement book. In the case of immature technology and serious market inclination, the business situation of domestic medical device manufacturing enterprises is more difficult

facing such a good development prospect of medical devices, foreign enterprises are eyeing this fat meat. Domestic enterprises should seize the opportunity to develop and strengthen the market share of domestic devices, rather than being preempted by foreign enterprises

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