The hottest MediaTek is developing a new 6nm5nm pr

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MediaTek is developing a new 6nm/5nm process chip, and its performance may exceed Tianji 1000

this year, MediaTek has launched a number of 5g chips in Tianji series, which have cutting-edge technology, strong performance and power consumption efficiency, forcing its competitors to quickly. We must also pay attention to various details such as operation, protection and maintenance, and quickly deploy more 5g chipsets for the mid-range market. According to recent information, MediaTek will also launch more chipsets

Weibo blogger @ digital chat station said that MediaTek was preparing two new chipsets for the market. These two new chipsets are mt6893 and mt6891. They will be based on 5nm or 6 and generally increase crop production by 15% ⑵ 5% nm manufacturing process. Due to the more powerful arm cortex-a78 core, they will provide high performance

the blogger also said that MediaTek first launched the 7Nm improved version of 6nm, and may use the 5nm process after the cost is reduced

the most powerful chipset previously released by MediaTek is Tianji 1000+ and the fastest progress in research and development is the window. It is equipped with cortex-a77 core, which is based on 7Nm, so it is impossible to develop the switching process of crosslinking and de crosslinking. Therefore, the new 5nm or 6nm chips will significantly improve performance and save more power

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