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One media will never sell the printing business in Taiwan, China, China

[ppzhan Abstract] according to Taiwan, China media reports, the one media transaction case in Taiwan, China, China has been broken. Chairman Li Zhiying pointed out in an interview with other media that the sale of electronic limit protection devices is still in progress, and other businesses will be retained and will take root in Taiwan, China, China. In the future, the Chinese dream will always be the dream of the country and the dream of the nation will not be sold again, and enthusiasm for the Taiwan, China printing market will reappear. In the future, the policy of running newspapers will be more independent and more critical of society, and Taiwan, China one media has no need to lay off staff. And Hong Kong's Shuangbao, he believes that this June will be able to break even

according to media reports in Taiwan, China, the Taiwan, China one media transaction case has been broken; Li Zhiying, chairman of one media, said in an interview with apple in Hong Kong yesterday that it could not be sold this time and would never be sold again in the future. Because it is unfair to employees and readers. In the recent issue of this week's weekly, he also emphasized taking root in Taiwan, China, China, and suddenly reappeared his enthusiasm for the media market in Taiwan, China. However, Li Zhiying did not make it clear that Taiwan, China one media will not sell all, or retain print media and sell electronic media (one TV); It is said that Gu Zhongliang, chairman of China Trust and charity foundation, and Lian Taisheng, chairman of times group, are still competing to buy a TV

Li Zhiying also said that Taiwan, China one media will not have another wave of layoffs, because as early as before the sale, it has reduced manpower, and there is no need for layoffs at present

four trade unions in Taiwan, China, including apple, one TV, one weekly and Shuangbao, issued a joint statement last night, affirming Li Zhiying's goodwill not to lay off staff, hoping that Li can keep his promise and not betray the trust and support of employees. The trade union will continue to promote the signing of group agreements, including room conventions, with management

the one media transaction case in Taiwan, China, China was determined to be broken, and anti-monopoly law enforcement in the fields of people's livelihood such as APIs and utilities was strengthened; There are different opinions on the reasons for breaking the situation in terms of strengthening internet and advertising law enforcement. Wu Gencheng, executive deputy general manager of Wangwang Zhongshi media group, issued a public statement. When the contract expires, the Fair Trade Commission may put forward more conditions to humiliate wangzhong group, and the group is unwilling to accept the humiliation, indirectly explaining the reasons for wangzhong's exit

it is said that Li Zhiying is still interested in selling one TV. Yu Xiaocheng, vice chairman of NCC, said that at present, the buyer of one TV is still unclear, and it is impossible to comment on whether the transaction effectively avoids the impact of leveling the electromechanical start-up on the sample, and whether it touches the media monopoly law

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