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Yanxiang EIP "drives" Beijing Metro forward

-- the seminar on EIP and rail transit automation technology was successfully concluded in Beijing

facing the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games, the Beijing municipal government has increased management and investment in various industries. 1 Inspection standard: in the air spring performance test standards qc/t 207 (1) 996 and jb/t 8064.1 (9) 6, the construction and planning of Beijing urban rail transit during the Olympic Games is a major issue of common concern. How to improve the intelligent safety monitoring and vehicle management in rail transit operation has always been a common concern of Beijing Rail Transit builders

at the recently concluded Beijing "EIP and rail transit automation technology seminar", we were delighted to find the answer. On December 6, Yanxiang company, a leading enterprise in China's embedded industry, joined hands with many experts and scholars in Beijing Metro Industry and representatives of scientific research institutions to discuss in detail the application of embedded technology in urban rail transit construction industry

at the meeting, Mr. Li Ming, business director of Yanxiang company and general manager of Metro division, introduced in detail the application of Yanxiang embedded products in the Metro Industry in major cities in China at present, as well as the excellence of Yanxiang products in different application environments. His wonderful presentation also won the praise of many experts. In addition, a number of scholars engaged in the research of Beijing urban railway construction also expressed different views on their professional fields for their small size but strong power. After the meeting, many guests also watched the embedded product display brought by Yanxiang company with great interest, and constantly consulted the technical personnel of Yanxiang company. They were reluctant to leave for a long time

through this meeting, everyone agreed that the "EVOC" embedded products independently developed by EVOC have played an increasingly important role in the fields of traffic safety monitoring, vehicle management and power detection. It is believed that in the face of the rapid development of urban railway construction in Beijing in 2008, Yanxiang company will continue to launch more high-quality embedded products to contribute to the development of urban transportation

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wangfuzhang, deputy director of Institute of electronic computing technology, China Academy of Railway Sciences, delivered a speech

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Mr. Li Ming, business director of Yanxiang company, delivered a wonderful speech

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the guests were full of interest that all the machines of Yanxiang embedded products could not operate normally

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Beijing metro industry experts gathered here

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