Precautions for tractor operation

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Precautions for tractor use

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1. New or overhauled tractors can only be used normally after running in, otherwise the service life of the tractor will be shortened

2. All parts of the tractor shall be used in strict accordance with the oil and solution recommended by the manufacturer

3. Do not increase the engine speed only by controlling the throttle

4. Regularly check the bolts, nuts and other loose parts at each connecting part. The engine intake pressure of modern cars reaches 3.3bar

5. When maintaining the electrical system, the battery grounding wire must be removed first to avoid burning electrical parts

6. Before inspecting, adjusting and maintaining the tractor and agricultural machinery, stop the engine, put the gear lever and power take-off lever in neutral, lock the parking brake, and keep all moving parts stationary

7. When towing a trailer, the tow hook must be used instead of the three-point suspension

8. When the tractor is running with suspended agricultural machinery, the position control handle should be placed at the rising position. The agricultural machinery suddenly falls down, causing an accident. And lock the farm tools to prevent the elevator manipulator. 4. The transmission part of the equipment adopts the circular arc tooth synchronous transmission mode, and the handle is bumped. 9. The adjustment and installation of tires must be carried out by experienced personnel using specialized electro-hydraulic servo technology. It is the best technical means to realize dynamic high cycle fatigue, program-controlled fatigue, low cycle fatigue, static constant deformation rate, constant load rate and various simulation experimental systems, Avoid serious accidents caused by incorrect tire installation

10. When the engine is working, do not screw down the water tank cover. Screw down the water tank cover only after the engine is stopped and cooled

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