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Spend more than 10 million! Yichang, Hubei province carries out street lamp upgrading and transformation

Yichang, Hubei Province, as a world-famous hydropower tourism city, in recent years, the street lamps in some sections have not been too bright, which has become an urgent problem to be solved. It is reported that Yichang municipal government has held a special meeting and agreed in principle to the 2018 lighting construction plan proposed by the municipal housing and Urban Rural Development Commission. It plans to spend more than 10 million yuan to upgrade the street lamps in the whole section of Yanjiang Avenue and some sections of the central urban area. It is believed that customers with experience in purchasing experimental machines understand the upgrading and transformation

Zhang Ping, director of the key office of the Municipal Commission of housing and urban rural development, said, "with the continuous development of the urban area, the area of the built-up area is increasing, and the number of street lamps is increasing, which not only provides convenience for citizens' life, but also contributes to lighting the beautiful scenery of Yichang. At the same time, with the progress of society and the expectations of citizens, higher requirements are put forward for the construction of street lamps in the urban area."

Gen (3) development objective according to the requirements of the special meeting minutes [2018] No. 132 document of the municipal government, each district shall be responsible for the construction and installation of street lights and surrounding landscape lights at the entrance and exit of high-speed toll stations in high tech Zone and Wujiagang district as soon as possible. At the same time, the housing and Urban Rural Development Commission is arranged to complete the transformation of intelligent street lamps in the urban area, implement them in batches and replace them gradually; Optimize the lamp caps and poles of street lamps along Yanjiang Avenue, and report the transformation scheme to the municipal government for approval. In addition, some night lighting projects should be added, including the installation of dynamic lights in Hongqiao International and Binjiang No. 1 buildings, and the construction of viewing platforms in Xiba to facilitate citizens to safely watch the "light show" of Gezhouba hub

Zhang Ping said that the financial arrangement of street lamps in 2019 increased by 8 million yuan to 40 million yuan compared with the past. At the same time, a special fund of 6 million yuan was arranged to replace the lamp caps of more than 1000 street lamps on Yanjiang Avenue. It is changed from high sodium lamp to LED lamp, and it is an intelligent lamp cap that can be controlled by a single lamp. There is a computer chip in the lamp cap, which can adjust the light brightness from 100% to 30%, and has the function of automatic line inspection, which greatly reduces the manpower of the hydraulic universal experimental machine, which plays an important role in the mechanical inspection of building materials and metal materials. In addition, for the aging of lights in the central urban area, 6 million yuan will be invested every year, which will be solved gradually in three or four years


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