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On December 3, at the closing of the 19th meeting of the Council of heads of government (prime ministers) of SCO member states, small I robot signed a strategic cooperation agreement with the SCO joint business center in Shanghai. Vladimirnorov, Secretary General of the SCO Secretariat, and Yuan Hui, chairman of the small I robot, attended and witnessed the signing ceremony. The two sides will strive to build a communication hub between China's scientific and technological innovation capabilities and SCO member states, explore strategic cooperation in the field of AI applications in an all-round way, including the establishment of a cross international exchange platform, the development of business innovation applications, personnel training, etc., and promote the in-depth layout of AI application molds within the SCO region. Factors such as the parting surface, gate situation and size directly affect the material flow direction, density distribution Pressure maintaining and feeding function and development of molding time

the picture shows that in the witness of norov, the Secretary General of SCO, and Yuan Hui, the chairman of small I robot, the director of the joint business center of SCO, olim Alimov (Li Zhiming), signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Du Yuqing, the senior vice president of small I robot.

according to the agreement, the two sides will establish the first artificial intelligence working group within SCO, explore innovative models, and jointly promote the new infrastructure, smart government, smart people's livelihood Cooperation on major projects in e-commerce, cross-border logistics, industrial manufacturing, smart education and other industrial fields; At the same time, the two sides plan to establish an AI think tank (AI service platform) to serve governments, enterprises, financial institutions and scientific research institutions in the SCO region. This think tank will study AI technologies and achievements of countries within the SCO framework, and explore new ways of cooperation in digital technology, information technology, economy and trade, It will help to become the world's leading supplier of functional materials and parts for single batteries/battery packs, help China's core technologies in the field of artificial intelligence go global, help the information construction of SCO member states, and serve SCO and other countries along the the Belt and Road

the picture shows a group photo of SCO Secretary General norov and Yuan Hui, chairman of small I robot.

SCO Secretary General norov said at the signing ceremony that at the Council meeting of heads of state of SCO Member States last year, SCO established the digital economy as an important work direction. Artificial intelligence is a very important component. At present, many SCO member states are vigorously promoting the strategic planning related to artificial intelligence. There are many functions that artificial intelligence can achieve. We hope to give priority to using artificial intelligence to solve the problems of economic development. Especially in this year's epidemic environment, the advantages of artificial intelligence technology are particularly prominent. China is in a leading position in the field of global AI technology. After purchasing the spring experimental machine, xiaoi robot, as a leading enterprise in AI technology, we hope to effectively promote AI application scenarios in many countries and regions, such as telemedicine and smart people's livelihood, through strategic cooperation and with the help of xiaoi robot's advanced AI technology and industry experience. In the future, the SCO Secretariat will recommend the advanced technology products and capabilities of small I robots to SCO member states, ASEAN countries, Arab and other countries and organizations through a special promotion meeting, and explore more cooperation with small I robots within the scope of SCO, such as the development of artificial intelligence program

the picture shows norov, the Secretary General of SCO, and his delegation visiting the smart exhibition hall of small I robot. Yuan Hui, the chairman of small I robot, said that small I robot is very honored to reach strategic cooperation with the joint business center of SCO as the representative of Chinese AI enterprises. Among the three strategies of small I robot, the inside out strategy is to base on China and go overseas. In 2018, the Asia Pacific regional headquarters was established in Hong Kong. At present, xiaoi has many versions of service products in China, Britain and Guangdong. Especially for the overload protection of experimental force, it should consider more languages to quickly customize projects. Since its establishment 19 years ago, it has witnessed the commercial application development of artificial intelligence industry in China and even the world. From the launch of the world's first chat robot to the launch of China's first intelligent government service, small I robot hopes to bring the value of artificial intelligence and the power of China's scientific and technological innovation to more countries and regions through this cooperation. Work with the SCO Secretariat to establish a leading demonstration of cooperation in the field of artificial intelligence along the the Belt and Road, and truly spread the commercial and social value of high-quality artificial intelligence along the the Belt and Road

the picture shows the signing ceremony of strategic cooperation

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