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Xiaoi robot won the cognitive intelligence technology enterprise award with the most innovative ability in the international media

recently, xiaoi robot won the cognitive intelligence technology enterprise with the most innovative ability in Greater China and AI business application innovation award in the 2020 artificial intelligence award selection hosted by British health finance magazine with years of industry accumulation and continuous innovation ability

biodegradable plastics used in food packaging account for more than 70%. Health finance

health finance is a well-known magazine in the UK, committed to providing fund managers, institutions and private investors with the latest industry news, with more than 130000 readers worldwide. In addition to periodicals, wealthtepex has been used in the mass production of truck battery consoles. Finance magazine also provides the latest, special reports and comments in the investment field on the official website every day

wealth Finance magazine believes that AI can simplify operations and provide people with better decision-making information. Applying AI to every field of life will make life better and may completely change the future of mankind. Since 2019, AI related awards have been set up to recognize individuals and companies with outstanding performance or excellent innovation ability in this field, and the technical achievements have been recommended to investors and high net worth people

this AI award mainly focuses on technological innovation in the field of AI and its practical utility in application scenarios. Health finance magazine will organize a professional jury to be responsible for the selection of this award every year. Host: Mobile crossbeam small I robot won the favor of the selection committee with years of industry experience and continuous innovation ability, and won the cognitive intelligence technology enterprise and AI business application innovation award with the most innovative ability in Greater China in the second 2020 artificial intelligence award

small I robot

small I robot is a representative cognitive intelligent business landing enterprise in China. It has strong human-computer cognitive interaction ability and continuous technological innovation ability. It has participated in the formulation of various industries and academic standards for many times, and has been committed to comprehensively empowering AI applications in various industries

After years of market sedimentation, the small I robot has provided intelligent solutions and perfect landing service systems for a full range of customer services for dozens of industries such as customer contact centers, finance, government affairs, medical treatment, etc., and has a leading market share in many vertical industries, with more than 800million end customers

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