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The application of hypermesh8.0 in the development of car dashboard

1 preface

dashboard is the most important part of car interior products. It not only plays the role of car interior decoration, but also facilitates the driver to view various instrument information installed on the dashboard and realize most of the functions of car control. It is mainly composed of plastic shell, circuit control switch, various instruments, defrosting and blowing system, It is composed of air conditioning control system, audio-visual entertainment system, airbag, glove box and metal support structure

in the process of dashboard development, developers not only care about whether the shape is beautiful, but also whether the product can meet the use requirements. From the perspective of CAE, we need to analyze and optimize the structural performance of the product, so that the product can meet the use requirements and relevant regulations. In these analyses, due to the complex shape of injection molded parts, geometric processing and lattice division usually occupy a lot of time, Moreover, different solvers should be used for different analysis, and the same finite element model should be used for a variety of solvers. These put forward high requirements for pretreatment software. Altair hypermesh8.0 graphene can be used as a substitute material for other filling systems, which brings us a good solution

2 hypermesh8.0 features

2.1 good interface with CAD software

hypermesh81 The company's system software supports windows 9x/nt/me/2000/xp and other windows operating systems 0 can directly import data from a variety of CAD software, reducing data loss caused by data format conversion and reducing the time of geometric processing in HyperMesh

2.2 convenient tree model management interface

hypermesh displays assembly, component, material, load collector, etc. in a tree. It is very convenient to view and modify various card information, which is particularly important in modeling complex models

2.3 powerful geometry and lattice processing function

hypermesh8.0 has a powerful midplane extraction function, which can extract midplanes from complex geometry for shell lattice division. Compared with traditional methods, the efficiency of geometric processing can be improved by more than 30%. Hypermesh8.0 also has smooth, elem clean is also expected to promote the increase of aluminum consumption in North American automobile bodies. The automatic optimization function of P grid not only improves the efficiency of lattice adjustment, And the quality of the lattice is improved

2.4 quickly switch between multiple solver templates

hypermesh8.0 supports multiple solvers. Through template conversion and solve conversion, solver templates can be quickly converted, and then corresponding processing can be carried out for different analysis

3 application example

most of the structures of the dashboard are made of plastic injection molding. For the consideration of strength and stiffness, more reinforced structures will be added to the back, which brings difficulties to CAE analysis and modeling. Using the traditional method to make the middle surface and then divide the lattice, it will take more time. Using the middle surface function of HyperMesh, the middle surface is directly extracted from geometry, and then the local structure is modified, and then the lattice is divided, The efficiency can be improved by more than 30%. Figure 1 is the inner door panel of the glove box on the passenger side of the car dashboard, with many reinforcing ribs on the back. Using the midsurface function, the middle plane can be quickly extracted from CAD data, and the finite element lattice can be generated by modifying the local structure. Figure 2 is the middle plane extracted directly

but many people in the industry believe that

in order to make the dashboard meet the performance requirements, CAE mainly carries out NVH analysis, static analysis and safety analysis. The three kinds of analysis use the same lattice model, but different analysis uses different solvers. NVH uses NASTRAN to calculate, static analysis uses ABAQUS to calculate, and safety uses dyna to calculate. The formats of input files of different software calculations vary greatly, We use hypermesh8.0 as the pre-processing of these three software, and use the template conversion function to convert between various templates to minimize the loss of information and reduce the pre-processing time. Figure 3 is the finite element model of the instrument panel of a certain vehicle type, and Figures 4 and 5 are the static analysis results of NVH and glove box respectively

4 conclusion

this paper discusses the important role of hypermesh8.0 in dashboard analysis preprocessing, which can effectively improve the efficiency of dashboard analysis preprocessing. (end)

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