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IAI Japan will participate in the 2019 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition

the 2019 Tokyo International Robot Exhibition is about to open. 4. The overview of the composite polyurethane adhesive industry is coming. As a professional manufacturer of small manipulators,

our Japan head office will continue to exhibit this robot exhibition

iai booth is located in hall 1, west of Tokyo International Exhibition Center, with an area of 15m*48m

this time, we will focus on the theme of automation, labor saving, energy conservation and environmental protection, and bring you examples and prototype displays of various industries

here you can see new products, new technologies, and new schemes for tightening metal jackets. Friends who have the opportunity can come to the scene and have a look

the exhibition information is as follows:

the compressed test pieces of metal materials such as low carbon steel and cast iron are generally made into cylindrical test pieces

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