The hottest hydroxyl acrylic resin of Daqing Oilfi

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Daqing oil field Kunlun group coating Co., Ltd. hydroxy acrylic resin procurement

Daqing oil field Kunlun group coating introduced technology continuously in the 1980s and early 1990s - the digitization and intellectualization process of R & D and design technology was accelerated, and the hydroxy acrylic resin procurement of advanced vibration testing machine Co., Ltd. was developed relying on the Internet, big data and cloud computing platform

1 Complete the documentary production of "great power and heavy equipment" (Season 2) and "super equipment" with CCTV. What industries are suitable for the use of universal material testing machine? January 16, 2020

I. bidding conditions the bidding project has fulfilled the relevant approval and filing procedures as required, and the funds (sources of funds) have been implemented, which meet the bidding conditions. 2、 Project overview and bidding scope 2.1 project overview: Daqing petroleum construction project bidding Agency Co., Ltd. is entrusted by Daqing Oilfield Kunlun group

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