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Hyperimage 3D stereo printing technology opens a wonderful world

lifelike membership cards, vivid postcards, conference content: a creative 3D design will attract you to stop and watch. Now what we are going to talk about is related to this, and it also attracts you, that is, the 3D stereoscopic printing technology that is quite popular and the customer demand is rising, which is launched by the current hyperimage 3D technology printing company. The new world of Super Shadow 3D stereoscopic printing is extremely wonderful. It is a magic weapon for brand companies, scenic spots and major social and commercial activities to attract consumers' attention

3d stereoscopic printing is a special printing technology, which compresses several or even several "ten images into each unit of grating material, and then uses the refraction principle of light to make the human eye produce visual difference at different angles, so as to reproduce a vivid sense of animation and stereoscopic space, opening a Xintiandi for planar image reproduction of three-dimensional effects

3d stereoscopic printing has high technical content, coupled with its vivid visual effect, and is widely used in large-scale commemorative activities. It has good publicity effect, high commemorative significance and collection value, and can bring higher added value to the owners of this technology

hyperimage 3D printing technology company is particularly good at 0.2mm ultra-thin grating technology. The 3dimd sheet, hot pressing synthetic material and 3D anti-counterfeiting patent technology of hyperimage company are the first in China. At present, hyperimage company has more than 10 3D printing patent technologies, which are widely used in the in mold injection molding (imd/iml) industry, card printing industry and anti-counterfeiting label field

3d stereo printing or the concept of 3D printing originates from the special materials used in printing and the poor vision of human eyes. The grating material is a transparent plastic sheet composed of a series of strip cylindrical lenses

according to different applications, the grating can be distributed on the surface of the sheet at the frequency of line/inch, and the thickness of the grating sheet is generally 0 First, extract the sample from the lubricating oil 9mm, the back of the sheet is smooth, which can be used as the printing surface. This unique structure can present many fantastic effects, and the image can be printed on the back of the grating material with high resolution

3d printed cards with the change of people's observation angle, people's left eye and right eye can be observed from different angles, forming visual differences between the two eyes, and the formed images are reflected in the brain, which will produce a sense of distance and three-dimensional sense

according to the market reaction, the unique 3D printing core technology of hyperimage company is applicable to all kinds of government commemorative cards, postcards, anti-counterfeiting trademarks of various brand products, shells, cards, tags, high-end collection tickets of various scenic spots, and the new world of 3D stereoscopic printing opened by hyperimage company deserves the attention and application of major brands. (Editor: Wang Yang)

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