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2011 China Textile Industry Association product development contribution award application launch

in order to promote the product development work of China's textile industry, establish the Panasonic exchange servo electromechanical model as an advanced enterprise in product development in the industry, explore and establish the innovative mode of product research and development and promotion, improve the contribution rate of science and technology and brand, optimize the product structure, and promote industrial upgrading, China Textile Industry Association will carry out the application and selection of the "China Textile Industry Association product development contribution award" (hereinafter referred to as "production 4. Document abstract product development contribution award") in the whole industry in early 2011 and 2017

enterprises and non enterprise organizations in the upstream and downstream of the textile industry chain, including production and operation enterprises of fibers, yarns, fabrics, clothing, household textiles, industrial textiles, dyeing and chemical additives and textile machinery, textile intermediaries, textile professional markets, relevant enterprises and management departments in industrial clusters, can voluntarily declare

China Textile Industry Association will award the honorary title of product development contribution award to relevant enterprises or organizations according to the approval decision of the Organizing Committee of product development contribution award; At the annual "China Textile Innovation annual conference", the company issued the certificate of product development contribution award and the medal of comprehensively promoting safety management; The list of award-winning enterprises or organizations will be published in the industry media, and the relevant media will set up special columns to publicize the advanced experience of the award-winning units

the applicant may submit the application form to the Organizing Committee Office of the product development contribution award by email and fax before September 16, 2011. The Organizing Committee Office will be responsible for the qualification examination of the application materials and feed back the examination opinions to the application unit before September 30. Applicants who have passed the qualification examination should submit the product development management case to the organizing committee office by email before October 21, 2011

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