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Small I robot: innovation is always on the road

Zhou Guoxiong (second from the left) and his party had a discussion with Yuan Hui, chairman of small I robot, Zhu Pinpin, President, etc.

innovation is always on the road! On the afternoon of September 2, Zhou Guoxiong, Secretary of the Shanghai municipal Party Committee for economic and information work, and Xiao Wen, secretary general, led the heads of the party office, the software and information service industry division, the technology progress division, and the equipment industry division to the small I robot headquarters for research. Accompanied by Chairman Yuanhui, President zhupinpin and others, Zhou Guoxiong visited xiaoi's intelligent interactive exhibition room. After listening to Yuan Hui's report on the development path and future strategic planning of the enterprise, Zhou Guoxiong summed up his affirmation and expectations for the representative of Shanghai Sixin enterprise xiaoi robot with this sentence

Yuan Hui introduced the development process of small I to the leaders: small I started with industrial application. While providing intelligent robot services for large and medium-sized enterprises in different industries, it has accumulated a large number of domain knowledge bases and key technologies, laying a solid foundation for the outbreak of the industry, whether it is intelligent manufacturing or service machine. 2. People who control product quality, whether virtual or physical robots, have always adhered to the principle of "from large to small", The development strategy from soft to hard has achieved completely independent intellectual property rights from scratch, accounting for 90% of the domestic market share and becoming the leading intelligent robot brand in China

when Yuan Hui mentioned that the intelligent interactive cloud service provided by xiaoi can make intelligent robot technology as necessary in people's life as water and electricity in the future. Secretary Zhou Guoxiong said that when General Secretary Xi came to Shanghai for an inspection, he said that Shanghai should speed up its march to the scientific and technological innovation center with global influence. The new technologies, new models and new business forms pursued and realized by small I robots are consistent with the construction of a global innovation center proposed by General Secretary Xi and the four new economies that Shanghai is trying to promote. He encouraged xiaoi to adhere to three principles when facing international competition: first, it should adhere to the innovation drive and spare no effort to promote the process of technological research and development and industrialization; Second, we should take the lead in development and always maintain the leading position in the industry; Third, we should adhere to brand leadership and constantly expand intelligent solutions in various fields

when talking about the future development of the enterprise, Yuan Hui elaborated on the incomparable ability, ubiquitous service and omnipotent ecosystem construction planning of small I robot, which made the field researchers very excited. Zhou Guoxiong highly summarized the three leading qualities of small I robot: research and development of leading tensile stripping experimental machine, which is suitable for adhesives, adhesive tapes, self-adhesive, composite films, artificial leather, woven bags, films First of all, no matter how difficult it is, you can persevere in the performance test of peeling, shearing, breaking and other related products such as composite film, release paper, paper, electronic carrier tape, etc., which is worthy of our study; Innovation leading 1. What should be paid attention to when using cement pressure testing machine?, You dare to take the lead in the world, which can be said to be a spirit of selflessness; Industry leading, you occupy 90% of the market share of this industry. You are in a leading position in terms of technology, products and business forms. You must continue to maintain this leading position in the industry

at last, Zhou Guoxiong concluded: unparalleled, ubiquitous and omnipotent. The three noes are innovation, and innovation is always on the way

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