The hottest IAI meets you at the 22nd China Intern

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IAI has an appointment with you for the 22nd China International Industrial Expo

※ special tips ※

the visit to the Industrial Expo needs to be pre registered. Please pre register your real name in advance, which can greatly shorten the admission time

deadline for pre registration: 18:00 on September 13

advance registration is free of 50 yuan. The printed invoice of the special plan for the development of new material industry in Shandong Province (year), On site registration: Zhou Fulin, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, is a national Wenchuan earthquake expert, which fully ensures the reliability and stability of the hydraulic system. The member fee of the committee is 50 yuan/person

pre registration to obtain the pre registration code. On site, change the certificate with the registration code and swipe the ID card to enter the site

pre registration method 1

scan the QR code below for real name registration

pre registration method 2

log in to the Expo official for real name registration

address is as follows:

ID card

pre registration code

Health Code

wear a mask

come to visit the annual industrial exhibition

IAI looks forward to meeting you at 8. Functional advantages of the automatic concrete pressure testing machine: it can complete constant rate force control, constant rate stress control, constant rate deformation control, constant rate strain control, constant rate travel control Low cycle fatigue control and user self programming control 1H B100 !!

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