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Small I robot: ai+ enterprise customization scheme 60+ industry knowledge base, a variety of bots you can choose

all walks of life vary widely, and intelligent upgrading is indeed desirable. When AI becomes the platform technology of this era and provides epoch-making general technology for different fields, many industries have been rewritten again. Enterprises that seize the dividends of AI will extend and create a second life curve. So, how to choose a suitable intelligent upgrade scheme

through the practical experience of hundreds of large enterprises, small I robot has accumulated a large-scale domain semantic database, which can be deeply integrated with the needs of enterprises in different industries such as finance, electric power, communication, government affairs, medical treatment, education, automobile and so on, and quickly customize a new intelligent upgrade scheme for customers. It can not only help enterprises provide external customer services, but also provide intelligent upgrading of internal services, and improve the internal management efficiency of enterprises, which is generally divided into two types: digital display and microcomputer control, so as to reduce a lot of labor costs and enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises in the new AI Era

various application scenarios

case 1 a high-end kitchen appliance brand

a high-end kitchen appliance brand, which accounts for a large proportion of the domestic market share, has always focused on the field of high-end kitchen appliances and is committed to providing high-quality products and services for people who pursue a high-quality life. The scale of its original customer service center is large, and the customer service agent needs to provide 7 * 24-hour uninterrupted service for the end customers after purchasing the experimental machine, with huge human and material costs

the original customer service center is large-scale, 7*24h uninterrupted service, huge labor cost

the knowledge contact of personnel in different positions is uneven, and the service quality is difficult to guarantee

staff training costs a lot of time and cost

the existing document knowledge base structure is chaotic, the update efficiency is low, and the presentation is unfriendly

the knowledge sharing of internal personnel is not timely Opaque


sort out and optimize the customer-centric three-level business process operation system

build a brand intelligent customer service system for internal and external personnel of intelligent customer service

build, web, APP channel intelligent customer service robot

connect with the brand business system, provide accurate intelligent solutions

project results

can serve three types of customers, individual customers, channels Brand side

the problem solving rate is as high as 95%

saving labor costs by 30%

case 2 a state-owned power enterprise

the knowledge system is not standardized: the knowledge of Companies in multiple provinces and cities is maintained separately, the knowledge content is inconsistent and there is a lack of business knowledge

incomplete business process: the knowledge acquisition and editing process lacks effective control, and lacks knowledge feedback, knowledge crowdfunding and other business processes

limited service scope: it can not meet the knowledge application needs of service window personnel at all levels and external power customers

limited support capacity: there is no active knowledge guidance service, and the search is not intelligent and unfriendly


multi model data warehouse: support the unified management of multi model structure knowledge such as FAQ, encyclopedic article structure, multimedia and document knowledge

automatic knowledge construction: support automatic splitting and warehousing of documents, reduce maintenance difficulty and improve maintenance efficiency

platform based knowledge management, in addition to the sluggish price growth of some raw material products affected by the rapid expansion of production capacity: through enterprise level authority management capabilities and user-defined business processes, enterprises can realize omni-channel, multilingual, and multi model knowledge fusion management, create an enterprise core brain, and provide basic support for the expansion of intelligent applications

intelligent knowledge search: Based on artificial intelligence technologies such as natural language processing and voice/image recognition, it can realize fast, accurate and complete search, improve service efficiency and enhance customer satisfaction

multilingual application support: support Chinese simplified, Chinese traditional, English, German, Thai and other languages

application achievements

realize the unified platform management of full knowledge, covering more than 10000 professional knowledge

serve internal users, seats and customer service of Companies in more than 60000 provinces and cities

the error rate of customer service is reduced by more than 30%, and the average call duration is reduced by more than 10%

robots deliver 2million + service interactions per month, with an accuracy rate of more than 90%

the average retrieval success rate is as high as 98.42%

the project won the first prize of 2018 national customer service center science and Technology Progress Award

2019 China intelligent measurement industry technology innovation strategic alliance summit report display

you can also choose an exclusive intelligent robot.

01 based on the classic semantic engine of small I robot and the dual engine of deep learning model, it can meet the different needs of enterprise users for semantic database in the whole life cycle

02 support multi robot mode, which makes the product have stronger problem-solving ability and multi task processing ability

03 60+ the accumulation of massive semantic databases of small I robots in the industry can meet the needs of quickly building intelligent services in many fields and providing severance payment systems for remaining employees

04 meet more scenarios and access more channels, such as smart TV, smart outbound call, smart customer service, smart hardware, etc

05 simple deployment, easy operation and maintenance, which can not only meet private deployment, but also choose cloud + end, public cloud mode, easy operation and maintenance more worry free

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