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Small I robot Yuan Hui attended the Boao Forum for Asia Paris Conference

from September 14 to 15, French local time, the Boao Forum for Asia Paris conference was held. Zeng Peiyan, vice president of the Boao Forum for Asia and former Vice Premier of the State Council of China, Gerard Larcher, President of the French Senate, Zhou Wenzhong, Secretary General of the Boao Forum for Asia, and Jean Pierre Raffarin, former Prime Minister of France, attended the meeting

the theme of this meeting is optoelectronic display manufacturing, electronic parts manufacturing, precision parts processing, semiconductor wafer testing, and micro nano electronics manufacturing. The theme is the Belt and Road: Asia Europe Strategic docking, from 19 countries and regions, which can also be expressed as the ability of materials to resist residual deformation and destruction, including government officials along the the Belt and Road, senior executives of Chinese, French, British, German, Dutch and American enterprises, experts and opinion leaders in various fields, and about 300 guests attended the meeting, We should carefully browse the technical specifications from the four dimensions of infrastructure, trade, investment and finance, and discuss the important opportunities and challenges of the the Belt and Road and the strategic docking between Asia and Europe

among the Chinese delegation, in addition to senior executives in traditional fields such as energy, finance and investment, Yuan Hui, founder and chairman of small I robot, a leading AI enterprise, was also invited to the same industry as a representative of the science and technology industry, and attended the CEO closed door meeting on the joint construction of the the Belt and Road: the role of markets and enterprises. He discussed the important role of cutting-edge technologies such as AI in the strategic docking between Asia and Europe along the the Belt and Road with dignitaries and experts from various countries, And the historical significance of promoting world economic growth and achieving inclusive and balanced development

jointly building the the Belt and Road: the role of markets and enterprises CEO closed door meeting

focused on artificial intelligence for 16 years, Yuan Hui, a small I robot, has a deep understanding and insight into the impact of new technologies, especially artificial intelligence, on the development of the world economy. At this meeting, Yuan Hui had a full exchange with political figures and experts from European countries such as former French Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin on the transformation of traditional industries with new technologies, new materials and new equipment, as well as the differences in scientific and Technological Development and technical cooperation modes between Asian and European countries, and shared the successful experience of small I robot people in promoting the large-scale industrialization of artificial intelligence and helping traditional industries realize intelligent transformation

small I robot Yuan Hui talked with former French Prime Minister Jean Pierre Raffarin and others

Yuan Hui said that the the Belt and Road initiative provides a good opportunity and platform for cooperation to achieve joint scientific and technological innovation and coordinated economic development between Asia and Europe. As an AI enterprise with a leading scale in the industrialization and application of intelligent robots in the world, small I robot has launched an internal to external enterprise strategy, which not only serves the Chinese market, but also is gradually establishing broader cooperation with the international market. Through joint construction and sharing, AI scientific and technological innovation can be globalized, and become a new driving force to promote global economic growth and achieve inclusive and balanced development

in fact, experts at home and abroad have reached a broad consensus on AI leading a new round of world economic growth, and believe that China is an irreplaceable contributor during this period. In the information age, China is a follower, and in the coming intelligent age, China has become a world leader by pressing the lifting button on the middle crossbeam, and has initially formed a healthy and huge industrial ecosystem and a complete and mature commercial economic model

taking xiaoi robot as an example, its intelligent robot has been mature and applied in many industries such as finance, communication, logistics, e-commerce, transportation, home furnishing, medical treatment, government affairs, etc., and has established cooperation in many countries, forming an international layout at home and abroad, supporting a variety of language environments including Chinese and English, with more than 500million users around the world. Such a wide range of industry applications and huge user scale make small I robots a typical case of the commercial development of global AI enterprises. Local government and enterprise delegations from Asia, Australia, Europe and the Americas have come to share and seek cooperation for many times

this year, China launched the the Belt and Road action plan for scientific and technological innovation, and clearly proposed that the participating countries of the the Belt and Road construction should adhere to innovation driven development, strengthen cooperation in frontier fields such as digital economy, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computers, promote the construction of big data, cloud computing, smart cities, and connect them into the digital silk road of the 21st century. Therefore, China's leading science and technology enterprises, including small I robots, bear an important mission and become the core force in the implementation of the the Belt and Road scientific and technological innovation action plan

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