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Application examples in the packaging industry of hot melt adhesive spraying coating equipment

application manufacturer: Guangzhou Longqi Industrial Co., Ltd. - detergent workshop

packaging method: Corrugated Box - manual feeding and filling, filling the upper and lower sealing boxes of melt adhesive

application carton size: 45cm × 23.5cm × 30.5cm

maximum packing weight: 17.8kg full box

original packaging process: workers fill the products, seal them with the box sealing OPP tape machine, and then the packing belt

machine makes two sealing belts

original production cost: each box costs about 0.2 yuan

problems: 1. The quality of the packing belt machine is unstable, and the tension of the packing belt needs to be often adjusted, resulting in production stoppage

2. The packing belt cannot stabilize the strength of the carton, but can only be bound or reinforced. During transportation, the carton is often damaged, leading to product damage or reimbursement

3. the packing belt seals the box at a high cost and is not environmentally friendly

due to the above problems, the factory decided to try ITW dyn a TEC hot melt adhesive equipment. After the

test, the hot melt adhesive was sprayed onto the inner page of the carton with a manual spray gun to bond it with the outer page of the carton to complete the process of

sealing. A total of 20 cartons were sent to the factory for inspection after 1000 kilometers of the same product.

inspection showed that 20 cartons sealed with hot melt adhesive were completed, while the old style cartons were damaged

after this test, the factory has unanimously agreed on the way of sealing the box with hot melt adhesive, but at the same time, it also puts forward a problem of cost control of hot melt adhesive. The amount of glue applied by hand is too large, and it is difficult to control the amount of glue applied and the pattern of glue spraying, and it fails to achieve the purpose of cost saving (the amount of glue applied by hand is about 8 ~ 10 grams,

if calculated at 25 yuan per kilogram of hot melt adhesive, it needs 0.2 yuan box)

in order to solve the problem of glue quantity control, the factory changed the manual spray gun to the automatic spray gun, which is controlled by the electric eye and PZC

not to lay

along the foot of the wall. It is equipped with the production line of Hong Kong jinlish Co., Ltd. and connected at the end of the production line to achieve the production of flow

water line

the ITW D yn a FEC equipment and its supporting facilities are as follows: 1. The operator should read the operation manual carefully and strictly follow the operation procedures; Lower:

1. dyn am in I glue sprayer; 1 6-foot nozzle; One m od-p Lu S4 head zp

automatic spray gun with 90 ° nozzle Φ 0.015 and fast 2  4 solenoid valve; 1 set of air filtration and pressure regulation

device; 1 PZC glue spraying program controller, s and sick photoelectric switch; 1 set of TS -

4zp packaging and transportation belt of jinlish company (supporting)

the new process has many advantages:

1. The gluing position, figure and gluing amount of hot melt adhesive can be set and controlled by ourselves

2. The gluing position, figure and gluing amount of each box are consistent, which is convenient to distinguish the true from the false and control the cost of hot melt glue of each box

3. The length, width and height of the packaging belt can be adjusted, which is suitable for a variety of carton specifications

4. reduce the packaging to build a good atmosphere between processes that do not accept defects, do not manufacture defects, and do not transmit defects. 2 grams of hot-melt glue are used, and the cost is about 0.05 yuan

5. The strength of the carton after sealing with hot melt adhesive is higher than that of the packing belt, and the damage resistance is increased

6. Hot melt adhesive is an environmental friendly product, which is suitable for the packaging and import requirements of any country

after demonstration, the general requirements of this scheme are 0.2 ~ 0.4. It has been implemented for one year. The equipment has experienced a long-term 24-hour continuous operation, and the packaging boxes bonded with hot melt adhesive can meet the requirements in transportation all over China

it can be seen that using hot melt adhesive to seal cartons can not only strengthen the strength of cartons, but also save production costs and improve the competitiveness of products

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