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Iac2005 launched in Shanghai - Shanghai Bluebird electromechanical Co., Ltd. exhibited a full range of automation product platforms

IAC, TME sensor 2005 - "the Ninth International Exhibition of industrial automation, testing and broadcast in Zibo news on June 24" (referred to as ia4, open oil return valve C) hosted by the Chinese society of automation and undertaken by Shanghai Universal Exhibition Company was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Expo Center on June 28. Shanghai Bluebird electromechanical Co., Ltd., as the general agent of Wonderware in East China, joined hands with Wonderware to participate in this grand event

--- Shanghai Bluebird electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a powerful high-tech automation system in China. 8. After long-term use, if there are signs of crushing on the arc surface of the clip, the clip engineering company should be replaced. At this exhibition, we provided a broad information automation platform for our customers

first of all, Shanghai Bluebird provides customers with a complete product series. We showed you the full range of Wonderware products, Schneider PLC, frequency converter and other medium and high-end products, Gretel Industrial Ethernet switch, Foxboro A2 products and so on. Wonderware's in touch 9.5, which will be launched at the end of the month, has attracted attention. The new product InTouch 9.5 has the following new features: 1. Improved availability 2. Added script and animation connection function 3. Enhanced alarm function 4. IO failure switching 5. Language conversion at runtime

--- secondly, Shanghai Bluebird also provides customers with a wide range of application platforms and solutions. Our successful solutions in metallurgy, electric power, chemical industry, electronics, municipal administration, food, automobile and other industries have attracted the attention of a large number of exhibition visitors. Everyone stopped to watch, and also communicated with our technical engineers from time to time to understand the specific situation

--- of course, the on-site product demonstration of Shanghai bluebird is the most interesting part of this exhibition. Our technical engineers built Schneider's quantum and Premium Series PLC, Foxboro A2's DCS system and Wonderware's entire series of products into a ring through Gretel switch, implemented demo on this architecture, and demonstrated the application examples of industrial field data generation, operation control, dynamic analysis, remote diagnosis, terminal maintenance and so on. Through watching the demonstration, the audience had a deeper understanding of the advantages and flexibility of InTouch, inSQL, suitevoyage, IAS and other products

--- this exhibition lasts for three days. The unique exhibition shape of Shanghai Bluebird has attracted many visitors here as a souvenir. Of course, more visitors come to our booth to discuss and communicate with our technical engineers and sales engineers. In their exchanges, we learned about the new technologies and products that the Sino US trade war in the field of industrial control and automation has had an impact on the paper industry, and the layout of raw materials has become the core competitiveness of paper mills. This exhibition fully demonstrates that Shanghai Bluebird electromechanical Co., Ltd. is a professional automation system engineering company that can fully integrate the "control and management system"

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