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The application field and market prospect of fluororesin coatings

the application field and market prospect of fluororesin coatings

December 20, 2002

architectural coatings account for% of the total consumption of coatings. According to the prediction of relevant departments, the demand for architectural coatings in China will reach 1million tons in 2000, and high-grade coatings account for 20%. According to the "Tenth Five Year Plan" of the national chemical building materials industry and the 2015

development planning outline, "during the" Tenth Five Year Plan ", China's urban housing construction will continue to develop at a construction rate of about 500million square meters every year. The main task of the development of China's coating industry will focus on architectural coatings, so that the application of architectural coatings in exterior wall decoration accounts for more than 60%

most of the outer walls of high-rise buildings in China are decorated with ceramic tiles. Due to the aging and peeling of ceramic tiles, it not only seriously affects the city appearance, but also is quite difficult to repair, and the use of glass curtain walls also has the problem of light pollution

In 1999, Shanghai Municipal Construction Commission has proposed that glass curtain walls should be restricted for high-rise buildings in the inner ring road, and mosaic and sintered face bricks should be restricted for walls above three floors of buildings, which provides an excellent market opportunity for fluororesin coatings with ultra long weather resistance, environmental pollution resistance and a service life of 20

"Zhenbang" fluororesin coating on the cement surface has the same service life and decorative effect as the aluminum curtain wall with polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) fluorocarbon coating, and the cost per square meter is only 1/8 of it. Therefore, fluoro resin coatings fully meet the demand of the construction market for "low price, high decorative effect" coatings, and have a great promotion price

(II) industrial coatings market

industrial coatings share equally with architectural coatings in the total consumption of coatings, and the demand is expected to reach 1

million tons in 2000. Our products are of great application value in the fields of corrosion prevention, highways, railways, transportation vehicles, ships and oceans in industrial coatings

1. The anti-corrosion coating has the functions of data recording and simulation reproduction of the experimental process at the same time

China will cause huge losses due to corrosion every year, and the fluororesin coating has very superior corrosion resistance

ability. In terms of outdoor anti-corrosion, it can be used for the coating of trestles, bulk warehouses and steel structures, acid and alkali production plant building structures, etc.

, but it can be used for the granulation tower, gas cabinet system of urea and ammonium nitrate system For the coating of acid/alkali storage tank system, oil tank and pipe line system, the cost per square meter is about yuan according to the different requirements of anti-corrosion degree, and the anti-corrosion life can reach years. At present, the cost of anti-corrosion coatings used in the above fields is yuan/square meter, and the anti-corrosion life is generally


it is estimated that the market demand for anti-corrosion coatings in China will reach 220000 tons in 2000. Our fluororesin coatings have significant promotion value and strong market competitiveness in the field of industrial anti-corrosion

2. Coatings for expressways, railway bridges and traffic vehicles

China has a vast territory, crisscross railways and densely dotted bridges. Most of these infrastructure require coatings with good decorative, weather resistance and corrosion resistance, so as to improve their service life and save maintenance costs. Take the Jialing River Bridge in Chongqing as an example. Because the concentration of SO2 emitted by industry in this area is 22

times higher than the national average level, there is more acid rain in summer, and the pH value reaches 3.9. The bridge is seriously corroded. Rust removal and painting are required every year. A painting team of dozens of people is needed, and about 80 tons of paint need to be repaired every year, costing hundreds of thousands of yuan. In 1994, the bridge carried out the coating test of FEVE fluororesin

coating. The test results showed that the coated surface of the bridge is still firm and smooth, showing the excellent corrosion resistance and weather resistance of the fluororesin coating. For example, the bridge is painted with fluororesin paint, with a service life of more than 15

years, which can save a lot of manpower, material resources, power and funds, and its economic and social benefits are very significant

at present, the annual demand for paint in the above fields is more than 300000 tons. "Zhenbang" fluororesin coating is used for atmospheric corrosion prevention of metal

, and the material cost per square meter is about 13 yuan, which is only 18% higher than the current anti-corrosion coating cost (11 yuan/Ping

square meter), but it is longer than its protection life by years, and has significant competitiveness

3. Coatings for ships and offshore engineering facilities

ships and offshore engineering facilities have been surrounded by salt containing atmosphere and seawater for a long time, and have always been under the action of alternate dry and wet

, and their corrosion problems are quite serious. The company has developed marine coatings and marine facilities

protection for this field "If we can see that the self folding structure controlled by humidity folding can be realized in the future, it will be a very interesting special coating. It has excellent performance in corrosion resistance, salt fog resistance and so on. It can be applied to the coating of the shell surface of the part above the waterline of the ship, and the cargo tank surface and deck surface of biodegradable high molecular materials used in clinic." Zhenbang brand " The technical performance of fluororesin coating is compared with the national standard GB for ship shell coating, GB for deck coating and gb9262--88 for cargo tank coating. The performance indexes of each

item are higher than the national standard. The products of our company have been used by Dalian Shipyard and other users, and their seawater resistance and corrosion resistance are better than the currently used coatings, which are deeply welcomed by users. According to the statistics of the Marine Chemical Industry Research Institute of the Ministry of chemical industry, at present, the annual demand for surface coatings used on civil ships and marine engineering facilities in China is as high as more than 50000 tons. It can be seen that fluorine

resin coatings have a broad application prospect in this field

(III) baking fluororesin coating market

with the gradual elimination of glass curtain walls, ceramic tiles and mosaics for the surface decoration of urban high-rise buildings in China, more and more high-rise buildings adopt plastic aluminum plates as surface decoration. At present, the high-temperature baking fluororesin coating used for domestic plastic aluminum panels mainly relies on imported PVDF fluororesin coating, and its price is as high as 10000 yuan/ton. After the company realizes large-scale production, at present, the price of "Zhenbang brand" baking fluororesin coating is only about 70000 yuan/ton, and it can be baked and cured into a film in a wide temperature range from low temperature to high temperature. In addition, it can also be widely used in machinery, home appliances and other painting fields. With the establishment of the company's marketing network and the continuous improvement of its technical level, the products will also be promoted and applied in the fields of automobile, aviation, air and military

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