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2019 Dahe Paper Co., Ltd. is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Henan investment group. Entrusted by Henan investment group, Dahe Paper Co., Ltd. specializes in forest, paper, pulp and board businesses in accordance with the requirements of collectivization, refinement and specialization. The registered capital is 1.0 billion to 0.5 billion, and the asset scale is 7 billion

there are five holding enterprises of Dahe Paper Co., Ltd., namely Puyang Longfeng Paper Co., Ltd., Zhumadian Baiyun Paper Co., Ltd., Jiaozuo Ruifeng Paper Co., Ltd., Zhoukou Dahe Forestry Co., Ltd. and Dahe paper (Hong Kong) Co., Ltd. Mainly engaged in medium and high-grade cultural paper, processing base paper, wet pulp, pulp board, medium and high density fiberboard business

Dahe paper has an annual capacity of 620000 tons of cultural paper. It has a series of brands such as "cloud vision", "cloud era", "Paper Cube", "Fengying", "Fengduo", "cloud color", "cloud profit", and provides a full range of cultural paper such as double offset paper, beige writing paper, micro coated paper, electrostatic copy base paper, as well as processing base papers such as thermal base paper, advanced processing base paper, pearlescent base paper, dyeing base paper, and color double offset paper; The annual production capacity of wet pulp and pulp board is 390000 tons, and that of medium and high density fiberboard is 220000 cubic meters

according to the business development and work needs of the company, public recruitment is now available to the society

recruitment information

director of marketing department 1

Job Responsibilities:

(1) organize to establish, improve and maintain market information collection channels, organize to carry out market research, and provide information for the company's decision-making

(2) organize the management of price policies, formulate price policies and supervise and inspect the implementation

(3) organize and be responsible for product, task planning, market promotion and brand management

(4) organize channel management. According to the development trend of the industry, determine the direction and strategy of channel development, and maintain the sales order and channel stability

(5) organize pre-sales and after-sales service management

(6) be responsible for department team building and ensure the normal work of the Department

job requirements:

(1) marketing, pulp and paper, business administration and other speed control systems are installed at the lower part of the workbench, with a bachelor's degree or above

(2) intermediate and above professional titles

(3) more than 3 years of marketing management experience and paper products sales management experience, and more than 2 years of management experience in relevant departments

(4) be proficient in relevant knowledge of marketing, familiar with the situation of pulp and paper industry, and have certain knowledge of pulp and paper

(5) have strong data analysis ability, market insight and judgment ability, activity planning ability and writing ability

one director of the finance department

Job Responsibilities:

(1) organize the financial analysis, annual financial final accounts and annual budget of the company and its subordinate enterprises, financial risk management, etc

(2) organize the financing and capital balance of the company and its subordinate enterprises

(3) organize the supervision and guidance of the company's financial management and the financial management of holding enterprises

(4) organize the audit of subordinate enterprises

(5) lead the capital operation of the company and its subordinate enterprises

(6) organize the relevant work of the group's Financial Sharing Center

(7) be responsible for the team building of the Department and ensure the normal work of the Department

job requirements:

(1) major in financial management, accounting, finance and other related majors, bachelor degree or above

(2) obtain the title of senior accountant or the qualification of certified public accountant

(3) more than 3 years of financial working experience, more than 2 years of middle-level working experience and management experience in financial department

(4) be familiar with accounting standards and relevant financial, tax, audit regulations, policies and financial professional knowledge, and have financial management capabilities such as accounting treatment, account table analysis, financial budget and final accounts; Familiar with financial accounting and cost analysis of pulp and paper, board and other industries

(5) proficient in using financial software

(6) middle level experience in financial management department of group enterprises and large industrial enterprises is preferred

basic requirements for employment

1. Have good political quality and ideological morality, abide by discipline and law, be honest and trustworthy, and have no record of bad behavior

2. Have good professional quality, loyalty, dedication, diligence, integrity and self-discipline, strong heart, good physical and psychological quality

3. Have strong learning and communication skills and good teamwork ability

4. Have the conditions required by the post

5. The age requirement is 45 years old and below

those who have one of the following circumstances shall not apply

1. They are being investigated by judicial organs and discipline inspection and supervision organs ① load measurement: those who choose fs0.05% spoke tension and pressure sensors with high stability and high precision for examination

2. Those who have been dismissed from public office and have criminal records

3. Being demoted or dismissed for less than one year due to accidents, poor management and other reasons during the working period

4. Other circumstances under which employment is not allowed by laws and regulations

recruitment procedure and registration method

(I) recruitment procedure

according to the above registration → qualification examination → written examination → evaluation → interview → background investigation → physical examination → publicity → employment signing procedure

(II) registration time and method

the registration time is from May 5 to May 19. 1. The decoration performance is good at 8 o'clock. You can send your resume by searching "Dahe paper" through Zhilian recruitment and Liepin

(III) Henan Huirong Human Resources Management Co., Ltd. is fully entrusted as a third-party organization to implement this recruitment

employment management and salary treatment

(I) place of work: Zhengzhou

(II) employment management

the employed personnel directly sign labor contracts with Dahe Paper Co., Ltd

(III) salary treatment

implement in accordance with the relevant salary system of the enterprise, and enjoy social insurance treatment and related welfare treatment in accordance with national regulations

other matters

each person can only apply for one position, and clarify whether to agree to transfer positions

candidates should be responsible for the authenticity of the submitted materials used for many useful materials. Those who practice fraud will be disqualified once verified


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