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The 53rd American international power transmission and distribution equipment and technology exhibition 2020

the 53rd American international power transmission and distribution equipment and technology exhibition 2020

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region: foreign

Venue: Chicago

organizer: Electrical Engineering Branch of the International Electrotechnical Commission

organizer: Guangzhou Baisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

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time of the 53rd American international power transmission and distribution equipment and technology exhibition 2020

time: April 21-23, 2020 place: Chicago, USA


Electrical Engineering Branch of the International Electrotechnical Commission

Chinese organizer

Guangzhou Baisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

exhibition introduction

US international export Sponsored by the American Association of electrical and electronic engineers, the power distribution equipment and technology exhibition was founded in 1964. It is an international exhibition event held every two years. It is the largest, fastest-growing and most professional audience in the world's power transmission and distribution industry. It is an international exchange platform to display the manufacturing of power transmission and distribution equipment and the scientific research achievements of energy and power, promote the innovation and development of energy and power technology, and lead the forward trend and direction of global energy and power technology

the 2018 American power transmission and distribution exhibition was held in Denver, the capital of Colorado, the United States. The participating enterprises include not only multinational power equipment giants such as abb, Siemens, Schneider, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, KEPCO, but also American local enterprises such as GE, Eaton, s&c, Phoenix, Southern, and many well-known Chinese enterprises, such as Pinggao, Nari, taikai, Siyuan, Chint, etc. In addition, power engineering consulting enterprises such as AECOM, WSP, burns & Mac, Kiewit also participated. The exhibition is one of the most important platforms for global transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing, technology application and international trade

market analysis

in recent years, China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry has been developing continuously, and the scale of the industry is also expanding. The sales revenue has increased from 2.61 trillion yuan in 2012 to 3.58 trillion yuan in 2017. It can be seen that China's power transmission and distribution equipment industry has a huge market scale and strong growth momentum, and the development space is still broad

under the trend of Chinese power transmission and distribution equipment manufacturing enterprises vigorously developing overseas markets, they attended the top event of the global power transmission and distribution industry to show the determination of Chinese enterprises to expand overseas markets. China's transmission and distribution technology will serve the world's power market and contribute its energy to cleaner and more efficient energy utilization

according to the latest report, in 2017, the global transmission and distribution and control market exceeded US $1.4 trillion, reaching US $1439 billion. The transmission, control and distribution market includes all transmission and distribution systems and network control and related component markets involving power generation end to user end

exhibition scope

transmission and distribution equipment, electric automation technology and equipment, electric energy measurement products, power generation equipment, electric construction tools, low-voltage electrical appliances and building electrical

various wires and cables, environmental protection products of power plants, coils, motors, insulation materials, transformers, instrument transformers, power converters, power capacitor arresters

solar photovoltaic products of grounding resistance, reactor, electric furnace and heating equipment, electric welding machine, insulator and other power transmission and transformation equipment

the audience to be invited includes

★ Power Supply Bureau/substation

★ large project/infrastructure contractor

★ Electric Power Design Institute

★ low voltage electrician 17. Maximum no-load moving speed of piston: not less than 100mm/min, And any adjustable contractor

★ power materials company/power company/power plant

★ power electrical equipment manufacturer

★ industrial users

★ the organizer and the co organizer jointly sent a letter to each power Department

(5) take out the test pieces

exhibition consultation/China exhibition organization unit Guangzhou Baisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd.

(I) Company Profile

Guangzhou Baisheng Exhibition Service Co., Ltd. was founded in 2004, Committed to providing all-round and professional business services for Chinese enterprises to go global, Baisheng exhibition has rich experience in holding and organizing overseas exhibitions

over the years, our company has organized tens of thousands of enterprises to go abroad to explore overseas markets, and has organized and participated in conferences and exhibitions involving electricity, petroleum, electronics, lighting, new energy, rubber and plastics, building materials, communications, food, hotel supplies, auto parts, doors and windows, chemical industry, security, machine beds, footwear, pumps, valves and pipelines, water treatment, textiles, clothing, packaging machinery, beauty, medicine, food machinery, plastic machinery, packaging machinery, Industry, metal processing, rubber tires, fisheries, aquatic products, sporting goods, and other industries, the exhibitions are distributed on all continents of the world. Every year, China's export-oriented foreign trade enterprises are successfully organized to participate in more than 800 large-scale professional international exhibitions in 42 countries and regions around the world. The well-known enterprises that have cooperated with our company include PetroChina, Chint Group, NARI Group, Sanxin electric appliance, people's electric appliance, Foshan Lighting, TBEA, Huali group, Changyuan group, etc. Baisheng exhibition has become the exclusive general agent and one of the agents in China for some overseas exhibitions in the above industries

at present, the company has established good strategic cooperative relations with many overseas famous exhibition groups, trade, industry associations and business institutions of various countries, and has developed a relatively stable overseas cooperation and service network. The business covers a series of international business services such as large-scale international exhibition booking, overseas market participation and investigation, booth construction and exhibit transportation, multi-national visa, air tickets, tour guides, translators, etc., which are unable to bear the impact of sharp fluctuations in vanadium prices. At present, business projects are still expanding, and customers have spread all over the country. We wholeheartedly recommend the best and most suitable Exhibition for every customer, and do our best to provide customers with the best service. Many customers have obtained a broader overseas market through our exhibition, and successfully expanded the company's business

(II) contact information

address: Room 403, zhongdonghao commercial building, Zhongshan Avenue, Tianhe District, Guangzhou

zip code: 510660


contact person: Mr. Zhong


email:overseas@ "for fiberform process, m



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