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25kW three-phase gasoline generator

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daze power has led the internal combustion engine technology for nearly half a century. Its exquisite technology and rich experience are reflected in each engine to ensure that each engine has stable performance and reliable operation in long-term operation, which is of great significance to improving the market competitiveness of the enterprise itself and improving the adjustment of product structure. Rust causes bacterial nourishment and saves the time of maintenance. Daze 25kW three-phase gasoline generator u toto25 The control panel with the latest design is simple and soft. The control panel is made of special materials, and is designed as an integrated and integral depression. According to the working flow direction of the generator set, it makes users clear at a glance in use. A translational voltmeter is used to replace the pointer type, and a small lamp is added for night observation. The second generation of automatic voltage regulator (AVR2) adopts automatic voltage regulator, which can automatically maintain the stability of voltage when the equipment is loaded, so as to ensure stable power supply. This unique design of daze power is particularly important for electrical equipment sensitive to voltage fluctuations. Engine oil warning system, unique large muffler, fuel display meter, etc

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