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Thinking about the packaging design of "year-round reunion wine"

at present, domestic gift wine is mostly based on business demands such as communication needs and business contacts. It is sold simply for sales, and the use function is rigidly expressed, while the catharsis and expression of consumers' emotions are ignored. In the future, the threshold of the lithium battery industry will be higher and higher. Yu Yibing, general manager of Shanghai Rongsheng Industrial Company, believes that with the acceleration of the pace of modern life, people's emotional culture and national culture are indeed weakening day by day, but it does not mean that emotional needs have completely disappeared, especially for today's more successful people, whose hearts hide a deep rooted emotion. Therefore, emotional gift wine that truly integrates the psychological feelings of consumers, deeply excavates the sense of belonging and needs of target consumers for traditional culture and spirit, and emphasizes the natural inheritance of emotions between people has a certain market potential

in this issue of tasting, we appreciate a internationally respected wine packaging design work - "year round reunion wine" packaging, which won the "world star 2005" packaging award

In May, 2005, the year round reunion wine jointly developed by Shanghai Rongsheng Industrial Company and Luzhou Laojiao Co., Ltd. was developed by the high-end line aimed at business people, Determine the packaging to "Reunion" as the theme, it spreads the traditional Chinese reunion culture to consumers, obtains resonance through the integration of the cultural information of peace, peace, reunion and sharing prosperity with the hearts of consumers, and promotes a traditional, healthy, happy and eager gift culture. Packaging design makes the products bring consumers not only drinking, but also tasting family affection, friendship, reunion, happiness, life and success.

design core Heart: with "Reunion" is the expression point, which reflects the Chinese people's special feelings of longing for reunion and longing for reunion. For families, reunion means gathering and staying together, falling leaves and returning to their roots, and unbreakable kinship, which is the constant yearning in the heart; for friends, reunion represents the friendship of getting together and sharing life; for the Chinese nation, reunion is the long-standing desire for territorial integrity and blood unity, and the mutual integration of wandering children on both sides of the Strait The embodiment of unity and affinity

packaging style: characterized by tradition, nationalization, atmosphere and emotion, it conveys a happy and happy cultural atmosphere to consumers through unique shapes, festive colors and patterns full of national flavor, showing broad and profound Chinese traditional culture and national customs, with deep cultural connotation

structural innovation: in terms of design, year-round reunion wine uses the concept of "circle" to form the shape of "circle" through the splicing of triangular wine bottles. Although the specific expression methods of different products are different, the theme with "circle" as the core has been used and has not changed. " The successful development of the "round" composite structure breaks the existing bottle design mode and is of milestone significance to the design and development of gift boxes

color marketing: the color selection is most in line with the Chinese traditional rich color in the festive market, Fushou market and gift market. If the rotation resistance decreases by 30%, red and gold are the main colors, supplemented by Orthodox and authentic layout design and printing, which is in line with the consumption aesthetic orientation of Chinese people and effectively shows the traditional ethnic customs of China

pattern Charm: the design elements take the traditional Chinese New Year pictures as the main body, and focus on setting off the reunion culture. Five new year pictures, including the blessing of heavenly officials, the longevity of immortals from generation to generation, the peace of every year, the harmony of ten thousand years, and the cause of wealth, express good luck by praying for the gospel with heavenly lawsuits and bats; To celebrate the longevity of generations with ribbons, longevity stones and daffodils; The vase is homophonic with several firecrackers, implying peace throughout the year; Evergreen and two lily roots mean eternal youth and harmony; Citron and peony flowers symbolize wealth and perfection. New Year pictures endow products with profound blessing culture with unique folk charm, like an ageless myth, reflecting the eternal spiritual yearning and pursuit of Chinese people for thousands of years. The design of New Year pictures is a highlight of the package, and the strong sense of traditional culture is thought-provoking

brand communication: the brand logo is based on the ancient dark red seal, and the shape reflects the Oriental ethics spirit of harmony, inclusiveness and so on. The product name is composed of vigorous and simple calligraphy and round and beautiful small seal script, which gives people a long-standing and soft visual sense, implicitly shows the deep feelings of rooting and reunion of the target consumers, and conveys the cultural atmosphere of peace, celebration and sharing prosperity. The whole logo is concise and clear, with the characteristics of strong memory and wide application scalability. It closely adheres to the psychological sense of the target consumers, and is popular in the heat management system with harsh requirements, and is commendable in business and art

display effect: the design perfectly combines the packaging with the wine set, and the middle of the outer packaging creatively penetrates on all sides, revealing the words on the wine set, and cleverly forming the theme of "year-on-year reunion". If the wine set is combined separately, it will form a perfect "round" pattern, or collection, or viewing, giving people good wishes and imagination. After the whole box is unfolded, the atmosphere stretches, and the counter display effect is excellent. There is no reason why such cultural emotional creativity does not attract the attention of consumers

the overall tone of the package is harmonious and unified. It sprays all the surfaces of a large car trunk floor, full of rich folk customs. The expression point of the brand - reunion culture successfully expresses the real core of the product - blessing culture through design, which enriches the humanistic value of the product

the author believes that the premise of emotional and cultural design is to understand the real needs of gift wine consumers. The key is that the design positioning should be representative, realistic and broad-based. There is a wide base of target consumers, and it can truly meet their needs. The success of the design positioning of Fu culture, family culture, Dynasty culture and strategic culture is that it meets the emotional needs of mainstream consumers in this regard. On the contrary, most new, special and special packaging can attract consumers in the early stage of market launch, but it is difficult to obtain successful sales. Although packaging has a good advertising effect, it is different from the sensational effect of short, fierce, fierce and fast advertising planning. It must conform to the long-term positioning of brands and products, conform to the aesthetics of the target public, and avoid grandstanding. From this point of view, the packaging of "year round reunion wine", which won the "worldstar2005" packaging award in Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, on October 14, 2005, not only creates favorable conditions for China's wine products to enter the international market, but also has high reference value for China's gift wine packaging design

Zhang Aihua is the winner of the World Packaging Organization (WPO) "world star 2005" packaging award and "China Packaging star 2005". He graduated from the decoration Department of Hunan Normal University in 2003 and has been the creative director of Shenzhen boxinglong printing and packaging design Co., Ltd. since then. Many of his works have been selected into the China Design Yearbook. In many years of design and creation, he has always advocated "cultural design", believing that Baijiu, as an industry with Chinese characteristics, determines that its packaging must be based on China's 5000 year history. History is the precipitation of the nation, and culture is the soul of packaging; when expressed with heart and emotion, it will naturally release the seeds of creativity.

representative works: year-round reunion series, huaiqingfu series, hanjiao series, yaohuachun, Kuaiji mountain collection.

source: Author of sugar, tobacco and alcohol weekly: xuhongbin

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