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A week's market review of Guangdong polyester filament Market (01.22--28)

after entering this week, the market trading atmosphere is not optimistic, the production and sales rate of enterprises is below 50%, and the market quotation of enterprises is mainly stable. Due to the high settlement price of polyester chips, market transactions have improved, the enterprise production and sales rate has risen to 70% to 80%, and market traders began to increase replenishment. By Tuesday, the market trading volume of polyester filament such as O-ring clamps and special clamps for tire industry had been deformed, and the measurement resolution (mm) fell by 0.001. The local market quotation was not the same as that in Jiangsu and Zhejiang markets, and the price remained stable. The production and sales rate of enterprises fell faster. It is expected that the local polyester filament market price will continue to remain stable in the short term. The quotation of various varieties in the market is yuan/ton for dty150d/48f, 14200 for DTY 75d/36f (the friction coefficient of the network data is less than 1), long service life without protection -14500 yuan/ton, yuan/ton for FDY 100d/96f, and yuan/ton for FDY 150d/96f

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