China's steel industry is expected to take the lea

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China's iron and steel industry is expected to take the lead in recovery

at the 2009 China's iron and steel market outlook and "my steel" annual conference with the theme of "grasping trends and looking for opportunities" held on the 6th, Qi Xiangdong, Executive Deputy Secretary General of the China Iron and Steel Industry Association, pointed out that with the introduction of the national ten policies to expand domestic demand, China's iron and steel industry is expected to take the lead in recovery in 2009

Qi Xiangdong said that at present, China Steel International has regarded it as one of the standards to measure the national scientific and technological level, and the price has fallen back to the 1994 level. According to the statistics of the steel industry in October released by the China Iron and Steel Association, Ningbo is one of the first batch of innovative pilot cities in the country. The 71 large and medium-sized steel enterprises included in the statistics have a total loss of 5.835 billion yuan in October. This is the first monthly loss in China's steel industry for six consecutive years. However, he believes that the industry most directly benefited from the policy of expanding domestic demand is the steel industry. In addition, the state has cancelled the export tariff of steel products with 67 tax numbers since December 1, which marks a major adjustment of the state's export policy on steel products with short construction cycle, which is conducive to improving the international competitiveness of China's steel products

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