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China's iron and steel industry should solve the optimization problem as a whole

recently, the "national metallurgical Dean and discipline high level forum" hosted by the Ministry of engineering and materials science of the National Natural Science Foundation of China and hosted by Anhui University of technology was held at Anhui University of technology. Yin Ruiyu, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and senior engineer of the general iron and Steel Research Institute, was invited to make an academic report entitled "on the new generation of steel manufacturing process" at the meeting. Nearly 100 representatives from 34 universities including Tsinghua University, Northeastern University, Beijing University of science and technology, Chongqing University and more than 20 design institutes including China Iron and Steel Research Institute and Institute of process engineering, Chinese Academy of Sciences attended

Yin Ruiyu introduced the new generation of steel manufacturing process from six aspects: top-level design research, dynamic and accurate design of process and its connotation, and rules of dynamic operation of process. He pointed out that the iron and steel industry is one of the industries with large resource consumption and environmental pollution. In addition to the production of iron and steel products, it also produces a large number of waste residues, dust and other accompanying organisms, secondary energy and polluting gases

The shortage of resources, high energy consumption and serious environmental pollution will become several bottlenecks restricting the development of China's iron and steel industry. In order to understand and deal with the challenges of this kind of multi-objective group, China's iron and steel industry must solve the problems of structural optimization, functional optimization and efficiency optimization of iron and steel manufacturing process as a whole. In addition, China's iron and steel industry, especially the industry with uneven distribution, also faces the challenges of information technology and increasingly urgent ecological environment problems. We must combine modern information technology with the concept of environment ecology to form a "new generation of steel and iron manufacturing process"

Yin Ruiyu stressed that the research on the new generation of steel manufacturing process should be based on the in-depth consideration of the physical essence of the dynamic operation of the production process, as follows: deepen understanding, and study the process dynamics as a whole with the method of analysis and integration. Manufacturing process is a dynamic integrated operation system, which is composed of related, heterogeneous and process devices with different structures and functions. The manufacturing process must be a stable, efficient, safe and sustainable production system, which reflects the constituent elements, overall structure, operation function and operation efficiency of the enterprise. It is the basis of market competition rate and sustainable development, and is of great significance for the sustainable development of China's iron and steel industry and the construction of a resource-saving and environment-friendly circular economy society

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