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We know that the construction industry is a pillar industry of national economic development. Through the development of the construction industry, it has driven the development of chemical industry, energy, power, transportation and other industries. At the same time, the construction industry provides a large number of employment opportunities, but the construction industry is an industry with a high incidence of accidents. The annual number of accident deaths is second only to the transportation and coal industries, ranking third. Frequent construction accidents are closely related to the characteristics of Construction: the specific details of construction can be consulted There are many risk factors on the construction site, such as dense personnel directly engaged in production, concentrated machinery and materials, many temporary workers and migrant workers, and uneven personnel quality. Taking effective accident prevention technology and management measures to control the unsafe behavior of people and the unsafe state of objects is the key to control accidents, which directly determines the safety management level of the construction site. The following is about the accident prevention technical measures for amorphous plastic ≤ 0.3% tension construction site from seven aspects

I. prevention of falling from height

1. Strengthen the education of safety self-protection awareness and strengthen the management of the use of safety protection articles

2. Take the force measuring lever as the standard tool and strictly implement the on-site supervision system of safety management professionals

3. With the construction progress, various safety protection facilities shall be improved in time, and warning signs must be set up for various shaft safety gates

4. All kinds of scaffolds and vertical transportation facilities are well prepared. After installation, they are not allowed to be used without acceptance

5. Safety professionals shall strengthen the patrol inspection of safety protection facilities, and timely solve hidden dangers

in a word, to prevent falling from height, we must pay attention to the operation control of "three treasures" (safety helmet, safety belt and safety), "four entrances" (stair entrances, elevator wellheads, reserved openings and passageways), "five edges" (the perimeter of balconies without railings, the perimeter of layers without external frame protection, the perimeter of frame engineering floors, both sides of runways and ramps, and the side of unloading platforms)

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