Anhui's first printing industry base signs large b

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Anhui's first printing industry base has signed a large bill printing household

using the computer to control the production line in the whole process, automatically shift and automatically check a piece of white paper and put it into the production line. What comes out is finished products such as invoices, tax invoices, special financial bills and financial bills, and the bills are processed with the latest self-developed anti-counterfeiting technology. On the first day of the opening of the 2008 China (Hefei) docking Conference on independent innovation elements, Hefei Luyang Industrial Zone successfully signed a professional printing bill for Anhui Guorui Security Printing Co., Ltd

it is reported that the company plans to acquire a 30 mu production base project located in the park, mainly focusing on bill printing and concurrently engaged in other printing. In addition, the company will choose one or more of the three items of business digital quick printing, card printing, large-scale gravure printing and silk screen printing for production. The total investment of the project is 60.053 million yuan. The construction period of the project is one year. After the project is completed, it can realize an annual sales revenue of 90 million yuan (calculated according to the price excluding tax) and a total annual profit of 14.285 million yuan

it is reported that as the first printing industry base in Anhui Province, Luyang industrial zone now has 54 printing enterprises, including Anhui Xinhua printing, which can preset experimental parameters, Xinghua printing, Anhui printing material supply company, Anhui Publishing Bureau joint warehouse, provincial Xinhua bookstore distribution center, Far East, Chaoyi and so on. Printing projects account for 1/3 of the total in the province, including Anhui Xinhua printing The theme of Xinghua is "military civilian integration and development trend of new military materials for 2025". Printing is the first and second largest printing enterprise in the province, basically forming an industrial cluster of production, storage, printing material supply and printing machinery display


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