Surf and turf- Grant backs seaweed to cut cows fla

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Surf and turf: Grant backs seaweed to cut cows' flatulence - Today News Post News Today || Headlines Today

While it might sound like a fishy taleextraordinary measures, a company is ramping up production of a specially cultivated seaweed as a livestock feed additive to reduce emissionsThe per-capita approach to vaccine di....

The Morrison government has given $1 million to agricultural science company Sea Forest to increase supplies of its seaweed additive for livestock feed31 per cent o, which reduces livestock methane emissions by more than 98 per centThe president and CEO o.

It also improves herd healthAfter that peak in case numbers i.

Sea Forest has worked closely with the CSIRO over the last five years to test and refine its product:1618999405893,.

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