Refugee from Ukraine hopes to return to Canada, wh

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Refugee from Ukraine hopes to return to Canada, which previously denied him immigration - Today News Post News Today || Canada News |

After Canada denied his immigration application, Mina Melad was forced to leave Canada with his family and return to Ukraine earlier this year. But after war broke out in the country, Melad had to flee to Poland and hopes that Canada will one day welcome him back.

“I’m so grateful to all these countries who have granted for us safe passage during the trips. However, it’s so crowded in Poland. There is no place. The camps are fully loadeds just 14 per cent.,” he told CTV News Channel on SaturdayThe fact, a lot of these conflicts might be resolved..

Melad had been living in Canada since 2016 on humanitarian grounds. He was born in Egypt and flew to Ukraine years ago, where he met his wife. Then, he came to Canada, where he had a good-paying job and was raising his familys inauguration in 2016. All three of his children were also born in Canada and thus, are Canadian citizens.

After crossing the Polish border last week, Melad and his family went through Germany and eventually made it to Switzerland. Throughout their weeklong journey, Melad and his family event contracted COVID-19, although they have since recovered.

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